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NSW parking ticket at royal botanic gardens

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MorganCarr, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Guys,

    Ive read a number of posts here and hav never had an issue before, but the ther week i parked at the royal botanic gardens sydney.

    now these are the 4 hour bays but the ones with the machines where you have to enter the specific bay youre in etc. i.e bay 4.

    So essentially the ranger has come alng, checked I havent paid and given me a ticket.So ,

    1) are these different from the normal other CBD 4 hour bays where you dont have to pay for a motorbike

    2) Am i completely wrong about not having to pay in these bays ?

    3) Has anyone fought this/similar in court and won. I mean my defence isnt that i dindt do it, it would be that there is an exemption for motorbikes.

    Thanks Morgan
  2. Until someone can offer a more definitive answer try searching. I believe it's come up here before and it is different there but that is just a vague recollection from some dude on the interwebs.
  3. This came up about a week ago, search for the thread.
  4. it's not the sydney council, so you gotta pay for it.

    however, they don't have adequate signage... i forget if he won or lost? do a search :)
  5. LOL, my earlier thread on this said it is a special area and bikes can't park in car spots unless you pay. there are heaps of bike spot areas designated...use them instead. I paid my $178 fine.....
  6. I ~think~ he got it thrown out but the court fees were 2x$79 and ended up being more than the ticket anyway (lolololol).

    Weigh it up. Parking isn't free there.