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Parking rules in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by psychey, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. What are the parking rules in NSW? I don't seem to know. Things like:

    1) Should I take up a whole car spot if there are no motorcycle parking areas? 2) How many motorcycles can park in a single car space?
    3) Should we only position the bike at 90 degrees to the kerb when at the side of the road?
    4) Should we be paying for parking?

    ...there are more questions... please show us the way...

    Thank you, guys!
  2. 1. Yes - Otherwise a cager will scqueeze in and knock your bike over
    2. One if it is a paid-for spot
    3. Depends on slope - I'd try for somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees facing toward the direction traffic is flowing
    4. Philosophically it depends- - Some people say no others would say yes. Practically speaking it depends on the council area you are parking in. Sydney City allows free parking to MCs in timed/paid car spots but you are still time restricted (and there are areas where this does not apply and MC specific parking sopts too). I have a sneaking suspicion that Parra is pretty much the same.

    Check the local council websites for MC parking info.

    Fun Ha!
  3. 1) Yes, though if other bikes are already parked it's best to huddle with them rather than 20 bikes taking 20 car spaces.

    2) This part is a bit wonky; Australian Road Rules (including NSW subset) says that legally only one motor vehicle can park per marked space. Even if it's a single Honda Dream 50 in a 22ft extended bay. Sydney City Council has said words to the effect of, "We won't be changing the Australian Road Rules, we'll just turn a blind eye to bikes parking 5-6 bikes to a car space. Scout's honour." upon introduction of the no-need-to-pay-for-metered-parking-anymore trial. "We" have always parked multiple bikes to a single space anyway; the parking inspector would have to be a total dick to book 4 bikes simply for being efficient.

    3) Legally you can park at any angle you want, provided at least one wheel is "as close to the kerb as practicable". As Ohmigosh said, the actual angle tends to be dependent on the slope of the ground at that point - don't want the bike falling over!

    4) What Ohmigosh said regarding practicalities. :)
  4. You better get it right, whatever the rules; Comrade Moore raked in $42 million in parking fines last year :shock:
  5. are you allowed 'front to kerb'?
  6. I can't see why not. But don't. Always park backwards. If you don't you may discover later on that there is a bit of a slope and that getting out is hard and irritating.

    It cramps your style something chronic too.
  7. Like I said, so long as one or both wheels are "as close as practicable" to the kerb, the road rules don't require to face your bike any particular direction. You could park tail-in, nose-in, parallel to the kerb, perpendicular.... Anything goes. It's one of the exceptions for both parallel parking bays and angle parking bays.

    "As close as practicable" means that if there's some gaping 30cm wide, 30cm deep pit forming a 'gutter', obviously you don't have to park your bike in the pit. It's more about making sure the vehicle isn't obstructing through-traffic. Same rule applies to a car, they need to be "as close as practicable" to the kerb when parallel parking.

    If you googley for the Australian Road Rules, the exceptions for motorcycles are over around the Parallel Parking/Angle Parking sections. Can't remember the specific rule numbers off top of head.
  8. check this site out : http://www.mcnetwork.com.au/

    all you need to know for MC's plus strongly recommend if you intend on travelling somewhere outside your local council and you require a few hours parking just call the local council.