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QLD Parking Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ametha elf, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I commute into Woolloongabba (Brisbane) by bike. I got a parking ticket yesterday and am contesting it since I was not parked in a defined and marked area. Anyway, in the 'Gabba Central zone, just about everywhere is 7am to 7pm metered parking, and now I'm told its even illegal to park the bike up on the footpath which was my next move since my other spot has now been deemed illegal. Any thoughts?

  2. They can pretty much fine and tow your bike if you park it on the foot path. My understnding is that unless its specifucally marked, its not cool.
    As for your ticket, where were you parked exactly? are you contesting becaus you weren't in a marked bay? if so, probably not a good idea. Those often come down to the discretion of whoever you appeal to (which is highly unstable, and not something to be hedging your bets on).
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  3. I was parked under a tree in the middle of the road, there are clearly marked metered bays to either side but it seems obvious from the markings that the tree area is not included. My workmates got parking fines a couple of weeks ago and my bike was parked in exactly the same spot then and I didn't get a ticket so I assumed all was ok. Another thing was that the ticket was just d****d over the bike with just a tiny half inch of it, if that, wedged into the edge of the seat. I'm at work for 5 hours at a time and its just amazing that the ticket was actually there and not blown away in that time.
  4. ?????....ticket was just left laying across the seat area with barely half inch wedged in to secure it........
  5. Got a location so we can see it on google maps.
  6. Sorry but yes it is illegal. Has always been in QLD.
    What sucks more is their inconsistency of enforcing it. Do you or don't you do it sort of thing.
    Same as parking your car. It's meant to be all on your property or not at all. Cant have it half out the drive or on the sidewalk or nature strip.
    If I have a problem on my postie run I can just take a pic and email it with the address to the council and they get a nice $140 fine. Haven't yet but god I have been tempted. Bloody tradies shoite me to tears
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  7. they can be pretty anal when it comes to parking in or close to the CBD. You can only park in the designated motorcycle parking areas, or a car park. Not on footpaths etc etc
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  9. Ah ha. I thought so, which would explain why the same thing happened when I used a harmless single word instead of "the noise that pipes or pegs make while dragging on the ground through a corner" in another post. Looks like every word has to be fully given thought to before typing, even obviously harmless ones that you don't even give a second thought about :)
    As for the parking dilemna, now I'm at a loss as to exactly where I can park my bike. Cant afford for it to be towed away nor for another parking fine either, just to go to work.
  10. As far as I understand it, in Central Brisbane, it's fine to park outside metred spaces as long as it would otherwise be legal to do so, and you stick to the general 2 hour limit.

    Near where I work there are lots of spots on the side of the road that are too small to make a metred space for a car. But it's okay to park a motorbike there because it's far enough away from a driveway, corner, no yellow line etc.
    I'm not sure whether centre parking is ever legal unless it's in a specifically marked space, thus parking a motorbike outside a metred space, but in the centre of the road probably isn't advisable.

    BCC takes a dim view of motorcycles parking on the footpath unless they're in marked motorcyle spots.

    Also, it might help if you contact council and ask them if there is any motorcycle-designated parking in the area. I did that through their website and a few weeks later a fellow called me and told me of some official parking near my work in South Brisbane that I didn't know about.
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