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Parking question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. I was reading this article on Group Riding and saw the following:
    So is it advisable to keep, let's say, a small plank under the seat? Or even carry it around?:-s

    Also, I have to admit this is the first time I've heard about bitumen melting under a bike stand, so pardon my ignorance. What happens to the bike when this happens? Is it going to topple over? Or is the bike going to become stuck there when the bitumen cools?
  2. Usually they topple over. Never heard of one becoming stuck. Keeping something to use is useful but a discarded drink can flattened out is OK.
  3. or the lid to a jam jar...

    Also, never nose into a park that is on a downhill slope, always reverse in :D
  4. I have had this happen on bitumen, the bike hit the ground with a bang when I walked away from it. It came back out easily.

    Overall just be careful, you can park with your stand on the concrete kerb.
  5. A squashed aluminium can might also do the job.

    I like the suggestion of the jam jar lid too.
  6. Jam jar lid sounds good. Beats carrying around a wooden plank, IMO. LOL
    And I don't think I can always find a discarded can... Or can I? :-k
    (Edit: no pun intended)
  7. Lowercase those are brilliant!!!
  8. If there is nothing around then a glove under the stand will do as well.
  9. Aww Lowercase, I want one! Afraid it might get pinched tho.
  10. If its such a problem why haven't bike manufacturers done something about it?
  11. It's not a huge problem. Just something to be aware of when choosing where to park your bike.

    Imagine if your bike manufacturer put Lunar Lander style stands on our bikes... They'd weigh a ton and increase drag a lot. What we got now is sufficient.
  12. shame, no kittens..........
  13. thank you! :roses: thank you! :roses:
  14. I reckon the biggest problem with those Kickstand Kritters is that they're so cool/funny that people would steal 'em out from under the kickstand. :D
  15. shh ;) :p
  16. #17 bulby, Jul 4, 2011
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    How about a used and abused thong? (flip flop. Not the t-bag)

    It can double as the perfect b***h-slap weapon :p
  17. Hmmm. I suspect the thong wouldn't be stiff enough. Well, depending on the quality of the thong. The kickstand would prrrrrooooobably either punch through the thong in shear, or the thong would bend under the load and provide no support to the bike.

    Can't hurt to experiment on soft soil. ;)

    Most of the aftermarket options are either a steel or aluminium plate, or a very stiff and strong polyurethane. Strong in shear (so the kickstand can't punch through them), stiff in bending (so they actually support the kickstand), and strong in tension (so they don't tear in half when the kickstand bends them in the middle).
  18. Its something i wouldn't have really thought of but then again I'm going for my pre learner in a few days but it still is something that to me seems like it will catch people out especially new riders.
  19. Doesn't even have to be hot weather. Any new bitumen is susceptible to giving way. I have come back to my bike in mid winter and found the sidestand stuck fast about 5cm into new hotmix. It took me and a passerby about 5 minutes to prise it out.
    In summer it would have gone straight onto its side.