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Parking Protocol

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VTRSteve, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. G'day guys.
    Just wondering what the go is with parking your bike in a busy street situation, especially in car parks. I know that you can legally park on some footpaths as long as you are not obstructing anyone or anything. What about parking a bike in car parks? Should you park paralel to the footpath or on an angle? If another bike is parked, can you park next next to it in the same space.
    Probably very basic stuff but it would be nice to know what to do in this situation!
    Thanks for your help!

  2. in vic you can pretty well do anything as long as you don't park on private property without permission or interfere with pedestrians or the ability for others to get their bikes out.

    Elizabeth st in melbourne is a great example of how NOT to park a bike. Pricktoads publish an article about parking on footpaths. As for parking near other bikes, don't park in a manner such that you block someone else or that they will have to kick your bike out of the way to they can stand theirs up enough to get it off the stand. If you can do all of this while allowing more bikes to park, (ie not parallel to the gutter) then you keep more riders happy.
  3. Yeah don't park so close to me I almost knock your bike over getting on, thanks "Mr I ride a Ducati and you can get stuffed!" :evil:
  4. You should not park along walls as they are used by the visually impaired. Yuo aren't allowed to block access to utility service points(manholes, etc.) If you have recently gotten your licence all this info is in the vic rider book you had for your written test.
  5. Thanks guys. I was mainly worried about parking near other bikes so that's really useful info.
  6. Steve, Harden The fcuk Up.

    Your a bikey now, you can park your bike wherever you damn well want.
  7. Some misinformation in here.
    The ONLY places you can park your bike are:
    - car parking spaces (same rules as car - one vehicle per space, pay if applicable. Some local councils theoretically rule that if must be parallel, but rarely if ever enforced). If you share a space with a bike you could be ticketed.
    - footpaths, unless clearly marked otherwise, or in the opinion of a traffic enforcement offer you are blocking or hindering pedestrian access.
    - private property with the permission of the owner/resident.
    You CAN be ticketed for parking within the building line of private property (usually by arrangement between owners and local council), or in a public park.
  8. Hahaha Thanks Lurker!

    I harden up every time I open the throttle... and it's only a 250!
  9. Just don't park anywhere where your front is pointed down a hill........it is damn hard to turn it around :grin:
  10. vtrsteve, do you work at tinto?

  11. go park your bike on the path then nicholas
  12. Speed Freak

    As a matter of fact, thats where I do park my bike! :p
  13. I learnt that the hard way when Loz had to pull me out of a car park!

    Nice one Chan, you goose.
  14. How the hell do you park your bike facing down the hill anyway, wouldn't the side stand kick up as the bike rolled forward?
  15. G'day everyone,.....

    You can park a bike faceing down hill if you leave it in gear,the compresion of the engine stop it from rolling forward,and off its stand.

    Dr Who?
  16. No mate, don't even know what Tinto is!
  17. Nice to see some parking etiquette being posted here, even though I did my learners I could barely remember these rules from the handbook after a few weeks! :p
  18. The latest pamphlet in print bears a September 2006 date on the front, but they don't seem to have made it available as a pdf on the public site. I'm not in a position to compare content right at the moment {:-(
  19. From what I've gathered, its illegal to park on footpaths in Sydney and NSW area?

    I read about these people in Sydney CBD who've always parked their bikes in an area that is setback from the walking area, it doesn't obstruct pedestrians. They've been doing it for ages, and out of the blue, they all got tickets one day...

    So whats the deal in NSW?