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Parking Perfection

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by edwardTheGreat, May 16, 2006.

  1. not as easy as i thought as the steering doesnt return when you start moving :(
  2. kept going forward when I was meaning to go back :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  3. 77 :) ... is that a good score? :?:
  4. why would it??? it's meant to be a real car.... not a computer joystick,

    i though it was quite simple myself

    110.8 wa my score
  5. is higher or lower better.

    it only adds your time anyway... not how safe you are....
  6. stupid car doesn't behave realistically and the dog moves grrrr.
    *hates on this
  7. i got 55 :) lower is better means you did it faster :)
  8. fast does not mean good driving or car control though.

    54.8.... and that wqas being really dangerous inthe car park!!
  9. I parked but it didnt stop the timer... how exact does it have to be??
  10. I was pretty ordinary at this - took me a couple of attempts to even get the first car parked - and sneaking it at work doesnt help..

    Whats this about a dog...??? How many levels is there in this game...???
  11. Eswen - has to be completely within the bay.

    4 levels, dog is in the 4th level
  12. Cool...looks like I gotta practise a bit hehe...
  13. 120 first go
  14. I got 28.6.

    Took me a few tries until I realised that you have to park the car the other way round (headlights pointing down-screen).

    Tried again - 18.2
  15. 89 this time......................................