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Parking Pedantics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adprom, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. FFS - a whinge here. We have a drive through area under the building where I live around the cbd where I live. A couple of people who provide services have bikes and park behind some pot plants in the drive through area out of the way.

    Anyways, one of the old codgers today had a whinge about it being against body corporate rules etc even though it is entirely out of the way. Not only that tradies park in the drive through area all the time, because there is limited parking in the building. You can get 2 cars through so it generally isn't an issue. So some old codger with nothing better to do with his time has whinged, from the body corporate and its become a pest. Probably didn't help that I told him to **** off, so will dig his heels in.

    Anyways, just outside this building is a footpath where it is perfectly legal to park. It is almost tempting, if this escalates and people want to abide by rules, to invite a bunch of commuters to park along the footpath, flooding the building line for a week.... Worried about 1 bike underneath the building out of the way? That seems to be beneficial compared to 50 parked all outside the building as a form of a legal peaceful process which would be entirely within the rules... See how this ends up, otherwise I might just have to do a call out to NR melb commuters who want to give beige people some comeuppance....
  2. Yeah. I'd do that sounds like a plan...
  3. isn't footpath parking only legal if the building owner agrees? I seem to remember areas in the CBD where you can't park because of this. Also I believe it's also illegal to park within 1m of a building frontage due to disabled/blind access or something.

    I'm just saying to be careful because if your committee get the arseache you might find neither place is okay
  4. Only when on private property. The foot path itself, no one can do anything about. There is a bike around that parks on the footpath itself 24/7 and there is nothing they can do. Some buildings in the city have an overhang, and the area where the overhang is, is private property.

    Won't be an issue - they have no say over the footpath. The footpath is certainly ok, as long as it isn't in the way and not within 1m of the building. That is council land.

    If they decide to be pricks about it, I just think legally having a bunch of bikes park out the front is a pretty good protest - and is far worse for the old codgers than letting 1 bike park underneath.

    P.S. Info on legal motorcycle parking here: http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/Par...king/WhereToPark/Pages/Motorcycleparking.aspx
    As said, this is just a situation where an old codger is retired and has nothing better to do with their time than nitpick... The beigest type of them all. As said, body corporate can attempt to enforce the private property rule cos of an old fart - but if they choose to take that option, the solution could be worse for them.
  5. That's the trouble with people who want to meddle in things to feel important.
    But the biggest problem is the nitwit who pays attention, and decides to enforce the rules, without a balanced sensible approach. THAT! is the biggest sinker!

    Wait till you see it in writing. Then you have something/body, to argue with on it :)
    There is no doubt that the basic status quo, which works very well, and fek it all up!

    Good luck!
  6. Have I got this right that it's is not about your bike? Congrats for taking it on, either way.
  7. I agree - although I have appealed to a younger member of the body corporate basically saying this is ridiculous and what they want to enforce is just old people whinging... I also stated my plan of getting a bunch of bikes to park on the kerb for a week and he said he'd try and have a chat to come to a resolution...

    In practice, I am being just as nitpicky over a matter of 15m, but why did someone have to be a ******** in the first place over something that doesn't affect them?
  8. Correct - I park in the carpark - its for a personal trainer who comes and sees a few of us. He has parked for the last year in a spot in the corner, where noone walks out of the way. Yet no one had a go at all the tradies who park in the actual drive through area... (and rightly not - parking is a biatch so it is reasonable that from time to time they do use it for temporary parking).
  9. Lovin da tags homey!
  10. You are lucky you have footpath parking. There are very few places we can park in the CBD in Brisbane.
  11. Yup and in this case offers the opportunity to piss off an old codger who is being a pedantic ********!
  12. i had a problem like this where i rent at the moment. When i still had my large car there was limited room to park my bike in the car port where i could access it properly. So i used to park it in the undercover walk way in a little square section that was completely out of the way and not in the actual walk path.

    A week later i got a letter stating i had infringed my Tennant agreement and the bike must be moved, i hadn't be had a face to face complaint or a phone call they made no attempt to contact me!.

    The rule stated vehicle must be park only in the reserved space for my unit, well **** me.

    Some people just have to whinge... must make them feel superior
  13. Correct - which is why I am considering on calling upon a portion of melbourne's commuters to help me give them what they want... 1 bike undercover or lots not!

    I am not talking about a bike that sits there 24/7 either. It is there for maybe 4 hours a week. This is how ridiculous it is. It has occurred to me - that getting a bunch of bikes parked outside for a couple of days, throughout the work day might be possible.
  14. I say start parking your car (if you have one) where you put the bike, and put the bike where you had the car.
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    adprom. Is this Wills St by any chance? I used to live there and there were always a few bikes and scooters parked outside the building most days.
  16. Nup ;) As said bulby - not my bike. My bike gets parked in the basement behind my car, in the carpark.
  17. so assuming that the melbourne rules have proved to work is sydney not going to follow suit?
  18. set fire to the old ****s flat or set fire to the old **** and chop out the middle man problem solved
  19. Appreciate the sentiment - might be a bit far though :p
  20. he might enjoy it if not you will so winwin