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VIC Parking on nature strip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chani, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. I got a parking fine today, in my caaaaaaar.

    For parking on the nature strip. ARE THEY FOR SERIOUS?

    That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

    Can I seriously get out of it?

    I'll be honest. I've paid at least thirty parking fines in the last year, till I got my bike (damn you rain) So it's not like I fight them every time. They've all been for not feeding the meter. & I always pay them.

    But I honestly didn't know you can't park on the nature strip. It's not in the L or P test. I parked on the nature strip of the car park at work. Foxtel Dean St for those who know, across from Moonee Valley Racecourse.

    & its $14 more than a normal parking fine. Had I know that, I would have parked behind work, where the parking meter isn't working.

    & yes, I complain alot :cool:
  2. if all four wheels on nature strip then I think they can actually.
  3. Yep Chani, they can.

    My brother got booked for it at our old place. There were double lines out the front and no roadside parking, but the still hit him with a fine :evil:
  4. If you know the meter isn't working then park there. Then just leave a note in your dash saying that the meter is out of order. You tried, but the system didn't let you pay, and normally (I won't say always, but I do think always) you won't get a fine.

    And there are many more road laws than what appear on the L's and P's, and somehow you are supposed to learn them.
  5. 30 fines in the last year, and you're complaining that it wasn't on the L or P's test about the nature strip? Sounds like you don't give a damn anyway, or are a veeeeeery slooooooooooow learner?
    99% of road laws are not on your L or P's test, you are expected to know them none the less :roll:
  6. bound to be something about it in the road rules .. if there's gonna be a loophole, it'll be in the road rules (exemptions to when that rules applies).

    I doubt you'll be able to get around it though, just quietly :)
  7. doesn't matter if its 2 or 4 wheels on the nature strip if your on the nature strip they can book you. You can also cop an extra fine for parking incorrectly if you do the 2 wheel park.
  8. "The Victorian Road Rules prohibit parking a vehicle on a path, centre dividing strip or nature strip. section 197(1)"

    which makes me wonder about parking bikes on footpaths

    "If detected, you will be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice if you park in these areas. Victorian Police and Council parking and road safety officers have the authority to enforce these rules"
  9. You need to look at the whole rule there Woodsy...

  10. Thanks for that, i couldnt find it, i lifted mine from stonington council info.
    it also seems that local councils are the ones that police it, so they can pretty much make up there own rules as they go along
  11. Yeah dude, I got hassled by the rangers to move my own car from my nature strip saying they'd tow it away! (cause it wasn't registered at the time, and no it wasn't a sh!tbox!)
  12. Yeah, only a inner suburban council would even bother enforcing it I reckon. My nature strip you could park a bus on, sideways! :grin:
  13. I've always assumed you couldn't park a car on a nature strip, but I've often doubted myself when I see the number of cars parked on the grass on certain busy roads around the suburbs.
    I get the impression that some councils either allow it, or choose not to enforce it very much.
    One thing I would say, is that it would be GREAT way to ease congestion and prevent a number of lane-changing accidents on all those middle suburbs roads that are one-and-a-half lanes wide!
  14. All depends on how the council is feeling at the time. Some enforce it some don't.
  15. Mate be careful on this one, you should always report the meter not working on the 1800 number printed on the meter. They will take down your rego plate number and normal time limits apply. I have had situations around the CBD were people I work with have got fined. So the bastards will always try and get you! :mad:
  16. As mentioned you cant park on the nature strip and you must also park within a certain distance from the kerb (I cant remember the exact distance). If you park facing the wrong way you end up getting done for being parked too far away from the kerb you should be next to.

    As for unregistered vehicles, it is an offence to use an unregistered vehicle on the road (der) and it is an offence to park an unregistered vehicle on the road or nature strip. Councils usually do a quick door knock to determine who owns it and ifthey cant find the owner will slap a sticker on it giving the owner xx days to move the vehicle and then after xx days they tow the vehicle away.

    They then hold the vehicle for a period of time whilethey do the relevant checks with the Police & Sherriff's office and then if no one claims it (& pays the fine, towing & storage costs) it is auctioned off.

    I've heard of a few cases around St Kilda where someone has gone on a holiday for a few months and had their car towed & auctioned off in their absence :roll:

    As for the specific case in the OP, have a look around the area for one of the side streets with out restrictions on the rainy days when you drive to work, it might be a few blocks away but will save you a fortune in the end in parking fines.

    Also be aware you cant just keep filling up the meter but in fact must move your vehicle to another parking spot in a different street (block) when the initial time runs out.

    Same goes for non paying time limited parking spots, I used to work in North Melbourne and parked in a 4 hour spot. At lunch time we all went out and swapped our cars around (musical chairs with cars) to try and avoid being booked. The lovely girls in the corner shop also used to ring us when the Grey Ghosts would be wandering around with the chalk in hand. The only times I got done was if I went out for some reason and missed the musical chairs or phone warning (about once every two months) but do the crime, do the time :roll:
  17. That's how it works around here.

    I listen to the parking inspector radios on my scanner, and listen out for where the broken meters are :)
  18. :LOL: mattym

    All that to save a coupla bucks? Tightarse. :p

  19. At mum's place, we've received fines for parking in the driveway as well (the sloping bit between the footpath and the road. The fines started shortly after Citilink started tolling. I think its one of those policies to encourage people to stay out of the suburban streets and on the tollways to save local congestion :roll: They seem to forget that the local population is increasing exponentially as the councils approve more and more multi dwelling developments on the old 1/4 acre blocks. Means far more cars parked on the roads as there is little allowance for adequate onsite parking. Which also means more dangerous road conditions in local areas as visibility is reduced and traffic is increased....doesn't help that people don't know how to drive and give way :roll: :evil: :?
  20. Actually, mate, I was making a point that I know when I am in the wrong & I don't try to get out my fines.

    I was TRYING to do the right thing for once & park where I didn't think I would get a fine, because I'm sick of the damn things & I ended up getting one anyway.

    & Boz, I knew it wasn't working, but like I said I was trying to avoid getting a fine, so I parked on the nature strip, as I thought it was ok to park there. I'd seen others there all week & hadn't noticed any with fines on them, so I wasn't aware I would get a fine :cry: Oh well.

    Thanks pvda. Where I was working, was all permit areas except the block around work, as it's across from a horse racing track. I know about moving the car all the time, I usually work in Carlton, just near your work by the looks of things, so I'm well across that one, see reference to approx thirty fines already. Just annoying that this time, I was actually trying to avoid getting one...