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NSW Parking on CBD footpaths

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Julien, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Guys

    I've notices that a good number of bikes are parked on the footpath along walls of business buildings in the CBD on a regular basis. It is always the same bikes (eg. Phillips Street). How does that work? I thought that was prohibited?
  2. Yes it is, do a search, has been covered numerous times....
  3. search yes or i could say that if its private property there isn't an issue and those rangers may not ticket you.

    operative word, "may"....so beware
  4. Depends on the spot, but if the same bikes are in the same place day after it's a pretty safe bet that they don't get booked.

    Just be careful not to block any doorways, especially fire exits, driveways, pedestrian access etc etc etc.
  5. http://m.dailytelegraph.com.au/news...068944564?nk=8800106b4528ce60727c8d6fbafe612b

    Scooters and motorbikes should be allowed to park free on footpaths in Sydney to ease traffic woes, says Anthony Albanese

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 12:00PM

    Scooter riders and motorcyclists should enjoy free parking on footpaths, says Antony Albanese.
    SHADOW infrastructure minister Anthony Albanese has called for Sydney to provide free parking on footpaths for motorbikes and scooters to ease traffic congestion.

    In a challenge to Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s European bicycle obsession, Mr Albanese has cited motorbikes and mopeds as the panacea to the city’s gridlock.

    Labor’s infrastructure spokesman Antobny Albanese and former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson are distracted by a motorbike outside Parliament House in Canberra.

    In a speech to the National Press Club today, the member for Grayndler in Sydney’s inner west, will call on the state government to consider footpath parking access for motorbikes.

    He has even suggested parking fees be abolished for motorised two-wheeled transport. Sales of scooters and motorcycles have risen 25 per cent since 2009.

    ‘Cycleway obsessed’: Sydney Mayor Clover Moore.

    One of Moore’s cycleways on Kent St, Sydney.
    “It is clear many Australians are using them to avoid traffic congestion and parking woes within our congested cities,” Mr Albanese said ahead of his address.

    “Cities have much to learn from Melbourne where motorcycles and scooters can be parked free on footpaths.”

    Have to say I find it hilarious how the terror has turned this into an attack on cyclists and Clover Moore. They certainly know their audience.

    @Dave Cooke@Dave Cooke any more progress on this or is it just a bit of wind?
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  6. Maybe when NSW riders decide they want it, but on the evidence of previous threads here, they don't.
  7. Judging by the interest in this thread I guess you are right.
  8. I would love it. Should have been done ages ago. Problem is we have local councils.
  9. I think it'll be accepted as well as filtering was!

    Heard a gent on the radio yesterday who call up the DJ & said how dangerous bikes & scooters are in the city. Has a son that was knocked off...ra, ra, ra. Nothing about education of drivers to keep their eyes UP instead of on the phones!!

    Anyway, not sure if many of the footpaths are wide enough in Sydney CBD for bikes AND pedestrians??
  10. I'd love footpath parking.
  11. Put me down for three spots, thanks.
  12. On Kent Street, harbour end they let it go for a while and then blitz 30 or 40 bikes in one hit at $200 + a piece.
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  13. Love to see one of those trikes or CanAm Spyders parked on the side walk ;)
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  14. I'd like to see it introduced, that is making footpath parking legal. I recently wrote to the minister to thank him for his efforts to introduce Recreational Registration for off road bikes. Rec rego is being worked on now by the minister. And I have written to the same email again asking that he look into footpath parking. Who knows, maybe they'll pick up on that as well.
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  15. It would make perfect 'sense' Sen, and that's the problem. The loss of a fair chunk of revenue raising wouldn't be taken too lightly.
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  16. Councils would rather clutter up footpaths with tables and chairs from cafes . Councils get big money for this . Free motorbike parking has no value for them.
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  17. I start work after the morning peak and there is never any on-street parking available - it's absolutely chockers. You'd think Clover Moore would be happy with getting rid of ten or so car spots or a bus stop to fit more bikes; maybe after the tram starts...
    There's no choice but to park in the 'indented' areas of older buildings like the Education Department on Bridge Street in Sydney's CBD. Otherwise, park in a laneway, far from the hungry eyes of quota-chasing CoS rangers...
  18. the footpaths of Sydney are generally narrower than those in Melbourne, which creates issues here. That's not to say there are not some footpath spots in Sydney that could be designated as bike parking where there is room, as they do in cities like Milan. I've done a bit of work on this and with some allowance of limited footpath parking in designated suitable areas, and allowing bikes to park up to 2m past the "no standing" signs approaching intersections we could fit another couple of thousand bikes in central Sydney. The problem is that council has changed its tune in recent years. A few years ago City of Sydney Council saw motorcycles as part of the solution to congestion issues. Now they have a blanket policy of discouraging private vehicles from entering the CBD. This includes motorcycles. I have been trying to work with council to get more bike parking to replace the free parking spots we are losing with the new cycle lanes going in, but they don't give a shit. they think its a good thing. They want everyone to come to the city by public transport of bicycle.
  19. They are narrow minded idiots unfortunately. Public transport and bicycles are not a solution, just a major inconvenience to the people that need to travel to the CBD. Upgrading the roads and better parking solitions is the only proper solution to the traffic congestion issue. Only a minority of people travel to the city from inner city suburbs where public trnasport is efficient enough to be a vaible alternative. Why would the majority of people who travel to the CBD accept double transport times to use Public Transport over private transport? They wont, so until the roads and parking situation is upgraded, we will suffer with excessing congestion and polution because the bureaucrats are too short sighted.
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  20. Yes and no; the mass transit path would ultimately be more effective, but it would need to be much better than what you currently have (hell, better than anywhere in Aus at present).

    You can pump more people through using public transport than private vehicles, and it's even possible to make it faster (particularly for longer trips). For examples, look to places like Japan. To see what we'd need but currently don't have, look to places like Japan.

    But we're getting a bit beyond the council level.