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Parking on a hill?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bigjula, May 29, 2010.

  1. If I have to park on a hill what is best? 45º uphill left? Put in 1st? Any suggestions?

  2. NEVER put it in neutral when parking on a hill (or any public place IMHO)

    ALWAYS face the bike UPHILL
  3. +1 to lowercase.
  4. Definitely agree with this one, so if the road slopes up to the edge like a driveway, nose it in. If it slopes down as some angle parking does, reverse it in.

    Its just funny to see people sometimes get off their bike trying to drag it back up onto the road :p

    Another thing you can do if you're worried about it rolling on a really steep hill, is tie something around the brake lever..
    That way its not relying on the gearbox to hold it in place.
  5. Why not park in neutral on a hill or public place?
  6. You can roll/be pushed off the stand.
  7. GRAVITY, and never mind a kickstand folds backwards..s so as the bike rolls down the hilll the stand goes away, and crunch.
  8. If you do end up parking nose in downhill, something I have noticed which works for me, is, with both feet on the ground sitting on the bike, if I push hard on the handlebars whilst on the front brake, and quickly release the brake while pulling backwards, then you can edge it back a few inches each time you rock. Not sure if this is the best way to explain it, anyone else do this?
  9. I've done it before... and never again. Too much effort for something not stable anyways. Park it facing uphill, no more problems :)
  10. I've parked with the nose pointing down a slight hill. Left it in first, no problem, engine held it in place without a drama.

    Came out, popped it into neutral, started it up to warm up. Then I turned my back on the bike to talk to my friend as I was putting my gear on.

    Then I heard a sickening crunchy noise as the bike rolled forward, folding up the side stand as it went, and then dragged the left handlebar down the side of my Subaru Forester.

    I was lucky: bike sustained basically no damage as the car was there to break its fall. Then I sold the car - problem solved. But puhlease learn from my mistake. Your bike can hold itself on a decline if left in gear, but it is NOT recommended and if you do it, my advice is don't put it into neutral until you're sitting on it with your foot on the brake.
  11. Carry a brick to prop under the wheel....
  12. you can actually buy a clamp to do just that, clips over your handlebar and holds the brake lever. remove in 5 seconds and stash in your bag/lockbox
  13. But it can still be pushed or rolled off the stand by holding in the clutch.
  14. ummmmmmmm how would that happen if the brake is locked?
    pushed over? yeah sure, nothing will ever stop that unless you lash the bike to a power pole
  15. hmm i always find that if i park on a hill in 1st gear (although its only happend a few time), i cant switch to neutral unless i move the bike a little. unfortunately it also happend if the wheel is touching the curb :pso i have to sit on it and clutch in side stand in and then start :p
  16. OP...good fair question...:)

    Cheesus guys!...

    You always back it in, and leave the bike in gear (rocked back, so the gear is holding it ( it can't move) so that you are facing uphill with the bars turned hard left and locked. Tha back wheel, an inch or less from the curb.
    If someone declutches it on you, it will only role that inch or less to the curb and stop and the side stand will hold it.

    So what happens if someone declutches it, but it still did'nt fall over, so they kick it over, or a car backs into it and knocks it over or a transvestite sits on it and drops it, or or or...
    Stay home, or park your damned bike where you can see it clearly if possible so that you can head-butt anyone messing around it.

    It's really simple, and it's been done that way since God invented the motorcycle. No need for brake clamps or other gimicky crap.

    btw, If you nose it in...you'll only do it once!
  17. Exactly, Raven! Feck the whole facing downhill thing. Done it once and never again! The side stand is not designed for it, why buy brake clamps when you don't need to? Park it properly and correctly so you don't need to be looking after it like a spoilt princess.
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    Kickstand turn bro

  19. That's an old trail bike riding trick, that's used alot when out bush, mate :)
    And it does work for road bikes as you've pointed out. You can creep backwards a few inches each time, UNLESS it's too steep or the bike's too heavy for you.

    So to be safest - always reverse in.

  20. fair call, but they were originally intended as an anti-theft device, not a hill-brake. i just pointed out they could be used for that instead of tying something on the lever