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TAS Parking needed for 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Valvoline, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I wanted to see if anyone could recommend secure parking for my motorbike for approx 2 weeks in Tasmania:

    Maybe in Hobart, Launceston or preferably Devenport.

    From approx - 18th April till 3rd May.

    I can get onto the Spirit of Tasmania but I can't get off until beginning on May. So I would be doing a fly in / fly out to Tasmania to pick it up.

  2. thanks jrh001jrh001 - ill try them!
  3. Surely someone from Launy can store it for you for free.....?
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  4. Hi ValvolineValvoline I sent you some info on Hobart storage/airport options by PM but you could try these guys TMT.NET.AU -TASMANIAN MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT who are Devonport based . Can Spirit of Tas get you on as a returning passenger without your bike ? if so then leave your bike with these guys and get them to drop you to the boat. It might be cheaper to get them to freight your bike over to Melbourne rather than paying for an airfare then return on the boat.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!! I called the TMT mob and they are able to cart the bike back to Melb, since the Spirit of Tassie is not as helpful with the dates....I'm determined to try make the best of the time that I have in the southern states and before it gets too bloody cold for a Queenslander! lol
  6. Hi V, I can store it for you if you want, we're just north of Launceston. Can give you a lift to Devonport (it's about 80km from our place) if you ride it here, and then pick you up from Launceston airport if you want to do the return flight round-about. It'll be pretty safe here, just ask the lads who did the last tassie tour about our built-in security system...:cool:

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  7. Forgot to mention, I've got a spare CTEK charger so we can keep the battery topped up as well, it's going to start getting a bit cool down here soon.
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  8. This guy.....champion
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  9. Wow! What do you feed that thing?
  10. Small children and the occasional possum?
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  11. I think Leroy needs to visit us VIC crew sometime with his riding goggle !!! Cant get over how amazing your pups are barry_mckibarry_mcki !
  12. Leroy (The Mastiff) was who we got the sidecar for in the first place. Even though it is a good size rig, he got too big to fit, but he's been on a diet and lost 30kg, now he's a feather weight 100 kg.

    Surprisingly they don't eat much (we did have 4 of them at one stage - and that's not unusual for Mastiff owners). Worked out about $15 per dog per week, though we do let the local neighbour teenage kids think they are the offspring of Cujo to discourage them climbing the back fence :sneaky:
  13. Holy cow!! That dog weighs twice me!! :eek: I can see why he is the perfect intruder alarm... he'll eat them! lol

    Thank you for your kind offer barry_mckibarry_mcki, I'll let you know soon! :)^_^
  14. I'm guessing when you take him for a walk you don't bother with poop bags, you'd need a front end loader and a skip !
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  15. Not as bad as that, but we do fill up a 20lt bucket each week just from the back yard :poop::yuck:
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  16. Thank you all greatly for all the information and especially barry_mckibarry_mcki for the use of the yard (with included security!).

    Unfortunately I've had to cancel the Tassie trip (n):cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: Due to a couple of job interviews. Maybe a good thing, maybe not.

    So I'll have to postpone it till summer... And better planning!!

    If anyone is up the Gold Coast way ever, feel free to park your bike in my garage!! :woot:(y)
  17. No problems, good luck with the job interviews and maybe we'll see you in summer.(y)
  18. Hey ValvolineValvoline, seems like you have had a great trip, whether or not you are staying here. Thanks for posting your adventures, they have been an enjoyable read,