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NSW Parking, inner-west Sydney/Marrickville

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by David@DHill, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Posted for my fellow inner-western resident-riders.

    Letter to Council:
    The reply:

  2. That just seems wrong. So lets say I park there 5 days a week x 40 weeks a year. I might get 200 or more infringements a year to respond to. Durely there must be a better solution.
  3. I got booked in the IGA car park in Newtown 3 minutes after I had parked.

    I wrote to dispute the fine saying there was no where to display my ticket on a motorbike, and they said I had to purchase a special ticket holder in order to avoid getting a fine.

    It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

    The best bit? I was only parked for a total of 15 minutes. :(
  4. They are ruthless. Parked at 7.40 in a 2 hrs timed spot in Newtown. Jammed in between 2 cars not taking up any room. Restrictions finished at 10. Get back to find a $101 ticket and 7.45 written on my tyre.
  5. Completely fcuked.

    I spoke with a Ranger from Willoughby Council regarding this exact thing - motorcycles and parking tickets. He told me:
    "We won't fine you. Where are you meant to put your ticket?"
    Me: "And we take up no space."
    Him: "Don't worry about it - the Rangers here won't bother you."
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    I went through the same thing with Liverpool council, and got the same dumbass responses

    Do I have to buy a ticket? Yes

    Where do I put it? What do you mean?

    Where do I display the ticket on my bike? Please hold... Put it on your seat.

    How do I stop it from blowing away? Please hold.... You could wedge it into a crack or something.

    How do I stop someone from stealing my ticket? I don't think anyone would do that.

    Really it is Liverpool! So if I leave the ticket on my seat and someone takes it or it blows away will I get an infringement? Please hold.... I'm going to forward your questions to the GM and they will respond soon.

    A couple months later I get a letter from the council, stating motorcycles are exempt from displaying a ticket but must observe the time limits.

    One day I am parking on the street about to walk into westfields I pull up jump off the bike a walk off, then I hear someone yelling out oi! oi! You have to buy a ticket, I tell the ranger to fcuk himself and keep walking.

    2 weeks later I get a fine for failing to display a ticket.... I write to the council with a copy of the letter I got saying motorcycles are exempt... I get a response stating the council will not withdraw any fines and I need to take it up with the sdro so I appeal the fine with them and it is with drawn.

    Several months later and the council due to public pressure reduces the cost of parking and extends a free 15min window, and officially exempts motorcycles from displaying a ticket and publishes all this in the local paper
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  7. liverpool has meters now? laaame.
  8. Well done

  9. iClint,

    I couldn't find any reference of an official stance by Liverpool Council using my regular searches, can you provide a link or source?
    I'm going through this debate currently with another council, and it may be of benefit.

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    This is from the last review on the parking costs, search the document for 'motorcycle' and "Motor cycle" it references the free parking and no requirement to display the ticket and the change to free parking for motorcycles and the date it occurred

    It seems all the previous parking information on the council website has been removed, probably due to the fact that their parking scheme almost crippled the CBD's businesses. If you want to search the local paper website (i don't know if they archive the stories) that is where the stuff was published (liverpool champion)

  11. sly dogs, they don't make it easy.
    thanks iClint