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NSW Parking Infringement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Steve Vtec, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Mod-edit (Justus): OT split from [vic] Parking Infringment

    In nsw parking tickets are issued by the local council, not the police (unless you're parked in a clearway or similar) so they shouldn't include demerit points. To lose demerit points you need to have broken a law (exceeded speed limit, run through red light etc), parking where the council doesn't want you to park isn't generally breaking the law. Don't know about Victoria....

    I've never paid for parking in Sydney CBD and never been fined. Might just be lucky, but I've never heard of this???
  2. Motorcycles and scooters - City of Sydney
    no tickets in timed areas, EXCEPT for Royal Botanic gardens
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  3. Where parking requires a ticket, where do you put it? If left with the bike it can be stolen or (shock horror) used on another bike. If you take it with you, how does the council inspector know you have paid and not issue a fine?
  4. Councils such as North Sydney who do not provide free parking use Pay & Go meters (no tickets).

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  5. Hi guys. I live in Chippendale (no garage) where it's a residential 1P (no ticket) zone.
    We already have 2 cars in the house so my bike can't get one. I always keep it under a cover.
    I've seen some other cars and bike in the neighbourhood under a cover but couldn't find the owner and didn't want to look under the cover out of respect.

    My questions are:
    - can a city ranger fine me for parking ?
    - is there any mean to ask the council for a motorbike bay should we be several riders in that case ?
    - in general in a timed parking area, are the rangers "flexible" with bikes ?

    Thanks a lot guys !
  6. 1. Yes.
    2. yes.
    3. No
  7. Damn... thanks mate...
  8. adibou67adibou67

    I parked my bike in Sydney city council under cover with no pass for a few months but never got booked. They may assume that there was a a parking permit on the windscreen or they may have worried about me suing them for the damage they caused when they removed the cover or maybe it was because they never got me for excess of two hour limit as I do seem to notice they dont chalk my bikes as much as they do in other jurisdictions.

    This was back in 2009 in Elizabeth Bay

  9. Now that's the kind of information I was after ! Thanks !
    There is a few bikes parked around the 2008 (yeah, I went hunting for information ahah) and none seems to have a parking permit...
    Wait and see. I'll update should events develop.
  10. take a pic of the ticket next to your number plate, lock your helmet on the bike and stick the ticket in it. I've done that and no problem, but then again I didn't know about the free bike parking in timed areas - thanks for that oldcorollas!
  11. No worries..

    I never did this but if you wanted to be extra careful I would use a cover that covers both wheels and lock the cover down, so they cant chalk. They are government employees so they will put that in the too hard basket.
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  12. Hi guys
    Just a little update to share the situation in Chippendale/Darlington ( NSW 2008 ).
    After a few months, not a single ticket or comment or anything with my bike under a cover. Some guy 50m away from me did not have the same chance...

    Do what you want with that information ;)
    Cheers !
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  13. Forgot to mention that the guy didn't have a cover, but you understood that anyway I'm sure !