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VIC Parking infringement fine - City of Melbourne

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Marvin K Mooney, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. I was recently fined for parking my motorcycle in one of the dedicated motorcycle parking bays in the city. The bay was the one near the corner of Little Collins Street and Exhibition Street. It was one of those ones which has a corridor in the middle of the bay surrounded by 6 parking bays for bikes. There are a few of these scattered throughout the CBD. I have never seen them anywhere else.

    The offence was for a breach of road rule 209(2) - apparently my bike was facing the wrong direction (bikes are supposed to be parked facing inwards towards the middle corridor).

    At any rate, when I collected my ticket, I noticed a number of other riders had been fined for the same 'offence', and chatted to another rider later that week who had also been fined.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that road rule 209 does not apply to motorcycles (see road rule 209(3)) and if you received one of these tickets (or you do receive one in the future) and it is not withdrawn by the Council, you should apply for a review of the fine by the Council on the grounds that the issue of the infringement notice was unlawful.

    Needless to say, folks, I am not purporting to give legal advice here. Just sayin', as they say! :LOL:
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  2. Yes you are correct:

    209—Parallel parking in a median strip parking area

    (1) This rule applies to a driver who parks in a median strip parking area if a parking control sign or road marking applies to the area, and information on or with the sign or road marking indicates that the driver's vehicle must be positioned parallel to the median strip.


    "Driver's vehicle", "median strip", "median strip parking area", "parking control sign", "road marking" and "with" are defined in the dictionary.

    (2) The driver must position the driver's vehicle—

    (a) to face—

    (i) in the direction of travel of vehicles in the marked lane or line of traffic to the left of the driver; or

    (ii) if there is no traffic to the left of the driver—in the direction in which vehicles could lawfully travel on that part of the road; and

    (b) parallel, and as near as practicable, to the centre of the median strip; and

    (c) if the driver does not park in a parking bay—at least 1 metre from the closest point of any vehicle in front of it and any vehicle behind it.

    Offence provision.


    "Marked lane" and "parking bay" are defined in the dictionary.

    (3) This rule does not apply to the rider of a motor bike.
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  3. This nanny state needs the shit kicked out of it

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  4. Don't entirely know where you're going with the nanny state comment in this instance. Parking facing traffic is actually dangerous when you move away from the spot... am I missing something here?
  5. Yes
  6. OK thanks pal :)
  7. It's better to be facing traffic than trying to back a bike out into it, have had this discussion with a "Grey Ghost" before :banghead::banghead:
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  8. Good point - didn't think of that. I use that particular set of bays regularly (20-25 times thus far) and have not yet found this to be a safety issue, hence my comment.
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  9. JemJem Is this something you can take up with Haig or Alex at CoM so that the grey ghosts can be educated (while HeliHeli is away)???
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  10. Fcuking stupid fine given its ok to park on the pavement.....

    Or do we need to do that in a specific direction as well? Maybe in the general direction of rush hour traffic, or the riding sun, or...??
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  11. Wow, to think someone wrote then tried to enforce such an obscure law....but hey this is the "Victoria - The revenue raising state"
    If you have any issues I'll bring my 300kg Gsx fully loaded with panniers and block a lane for 10 minutes as a I try to push it up out onto the road.
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  12. Oh no, don't do that. you'll be doing what 'the man' wants - creating more traffic congestion.
  13. The infringement is clearly wrong, but it raises another point for me.
    I am not generally a supporter of using dedicated motorcycle parking bays in the state of Victoria.
    While MCC may say that they are only providing an extra facility, I suspect the agenda may be to simply create a plausible (but inadequate) alternative to footpath parking that ultimately enables then to argue that footpath parking is no longer viable or necessary.
    Park on the footpath (sensibly and courteously), or lose the privilege, IMO.
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  14. The way the parking law is structured, a foot path parking restriction can only be implemented via local signage. The right to park on the footpath is state law. CoM are not going to put up signage on every street and if they did, it would create congestion mayhem, the exact kind they are trying to avoid.
  15. Just for the record. I was involved wit the original design of these bays way back in around 1999 or 2000 as I recall.

    One of the CoM councillors, himself a motorcycle rider was involved.

    We went to the spot where the bays were to be located and analysed how to erect a bay that would stop cars from using the spot.

    We came up with the idea of the posts and concept for parking the bikes at an angle and an exit path arrangement.

    There was never any discussion of which way bikes should point. Just that they needed to be designed to stop cars parking in the area where the bays are located.

    How the Grey Ghosts ever decided to fine riders is beyond me. As far as I know there are no laws in existence that cover bikes (which we already knew).
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