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Parking in Warringah

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks,

    As you may know, Warringah council gives its ratepayers special parking permits whilst requiring everybody else to pay to park near the beach. I think it is a special northern beaches way of acknowledging that they live in a broader community and appreciate sharing with others. However well meaning schemes such as poisoning their water supply (which originates elsewhere in Sydney) are not the focus of this post, as the lead solder appears to have done its job, at least with the parking inspectors.

    I was simply wondering if you reckon I'd get done for parking between parallel parked cars in an unrestricted zone with my bike at right-angles to the curb -- you know like every civilised part of the world allows? I am asking this because Pittwater once fined me $200 for parking "facing the wrong way" in my car when I parked on a road-side having entered my park by turning right from a driveway, and the only reason I didn't park in the "pay-to-park" was that the machines were broken.

    I'm looking to park at the northern end of Freshwater beach to do laps in the ocean pool there. There is normal parking close by (according to street-view it is always filled with boats, and lots of room i-nbetween). There is also a pay-to-park car park with suitable footpath parking but I know they'll get me there. The other option is to wheel the bike out of view down near the club house...What would you do?
  2. Right angle parking should be OK, I think.

    Never a good idea to park the wrong way on a street. Sorry you got done, but itsnot a good idea, safety wise if you think about it.
  3. I get the idea of the rule, but I didn't veer across the road to get to my spot. Also, I was about 3m from the side of the road that I was parked "next to" and about 1m from the road I had actually entered my parking spot from -- about 5 years ago now so I can talk about it without swearing ;)

  4. haha, did you get done for parking too far from the kerb then?

  5. Prick of a fine but that's what they'll can get you for if you park the wrong way.