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VIC Parking In Undercover Paid Spots.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Pekson, Nov 17, 2012.

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    This question would be for Victoria can't find any threads regarding this but for Sydney only.

    I always go into the city every Saturday night but I drive my car cos I just don't trust the nightlife leaving my bike parked on the foot path where drunks could be doing some stupid antics while I'm away.

    I just wanted to know for example, parking at crown or Melbourne Central car parks, is it illegal for me to just ride around the gates without getting the ticket. One thread mentioned that it's okay to do in Sydney but for Melbourne I don't know.
  2. I've done it, just dont park in a bay. if you aren't using up a car park you haven't paid for it should be ok. I'm not 100% sure on the legality but when ive done it, there have been other bikes and scooters doing the same.
  3. If you look, you will notice that most boom gates have a sign stating that "Pedestrians, Cyclists & Motorcyclists are not to use the boom gate".

    I have seen this exact sign on almost every Wilsons and Kings parking station I have ever been in, so I abide by their rules and go around it.. I am sure you could be reported to the police for failure to pay, but if the gate has that sign on it, you're good to go... around :)
  4. as chris said, as long as you dont park in an actual bay you should be ok, i do it everywhere i go
  5. I think I'll just get the ticket going in but going out just ride around the gate lol. All in the while not parking on the bays.
  6. There is a spot where motorcyclists park their bike free in the crown, just don't take up a parking bay or block entranceways.
    Haig street entrance then turn left into the first area where you will see bikes parked.
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  7. I always get paranoid that some fat security guard is watching the video, see's you go round then goes to clamp your bike when you're gone...
  8. its a bad idea to do it if you have a loud bike. the parking attendants will hear you coming and put cones at the gates and make you pay for a lost ticket.
  9. I've always been paranoid in parking at night on the foot path and now you're making me paranoid parking in undercover car parks! Thanks :p
  10. Thats an easy one....

    Attendent: where is your ticket.

    You: there was no ticket machine or sign saying i need one.

    Attendant: yes there is its just there.

    You: i didmt come in here, I pushed my bike in along the footpath, there is no sign advising to get a ticket on that entrance.

    Attendant: you should of got a ticket.

    You: How was i to know- there was no sign, every entrance needs to have a sign by law.

    Attendant: but but but

    You: please step aside otherwise i am calling police for unlawful imprisonment.

    Attendant: FUFUFUFUFU

    You: *click into first and around.
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  11. You are allowed to enter a car park subject to the entry terms and conditions, any failure to comply with them by by passing boom gates and not paying is a breach and subject to legal action if they so choose.

    I'm pretty sure they can prevent you from leaving until such time that payment is made or another arrangement.
  12. Just do it. Most people here do it. What's a bet no one comes out as actually having been forced to pay.
  13. Probably just easier to ride around the boom gates.

    But.... Some car park companies charge for motorbikes/scooters at a different rate and some let them park for free. If your worried and want to find out, maybe phone the car park you usually use and see what they say. I checked on U-Park's website and they charge $6.50 flat fee for bikes and scooters. But that's in Adelaide.
  14. Lawl, nobody's going to bother you if you don't pay.

    They'd waste more money trying to claim against you.
  15. Do you ride out the way you came in to avoid the ticket booth?
  16. Ok!! I manage a busy car park in the city (Melbourne) and guess I can answer some of the questions.

    Car parks that generally choose to charge bikes for parking will have a longer boom arm closing off the whole of the entry lane you are in. A perfect example would be Harbour Town in Docklands. I've parked my bike there and had to get a ticket to enter and paid for it ($6, I think) for exit.

    Some car parks will only have half a boom arm covering only half the entry. These car parks will generally allow bikes in without a ticket ( just ride in through the uncovered part) and leave in the same fashion!! Example would be Etihad Stadium. I have parked there often and never had an issue with just riding in and out. Although I tend to be courteous and not use any car park bays.

    Also it is also important to understand that even though a Car park attendant can interfere with you exiting the car park (security, etc) there is no specific provision or legislation for car parks to issue fines. They cannot legally fine you. They can Persue the matter in civil court but usually it is not worth it for them to do so.
    There have been cases of some car parks trying to impersonate or use scare tactics to scare people to paying "fines" but there are also countless law suits in the courts against them.
    Hope that answers some of your questions. Happy to answer more if you got em.
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  17. Just park with the staff bikes at Crown. There are cameras in that underpass
  18. Done it numerous times at Crown parking, even with attendants there they don't seem to care or mind. I also don't park in a bay.
  19. yes very true :) .I do some freelance work at Crown and this is a good place to park and its undercover near the security desk staff entrance .
  20. I regrettably work there all the time, I'm a dealer. There's also a secure cage further down the lane that you need an ID card to access, no one bothers because it's an extra 30 seconds walk haha