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Parking in the Melbourne CBD

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by philride, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I am about to buy a motor scooter and I live in the Melbourne CBD on Elizabeth Street (above a pizza shop at the Flinders St Station end). Before I bring my new baby home I want to try and find either secure parking for it, or at least a safe area where other bikes go at night in the CBD.
    I'm not so worried about theft... i'm more worried about the idiots who hang out in the city at night and might damage the bike. My area gets particularly rough at night.
    If anyone has any suggestions for secure or reasonably safe parking after dark in the CBD I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

  2. How do you get upstairs - lift or stairs? If it's a lift, how much room have you got up there? :wink: :wink:
  3. Parking in the CBD costs a fortune, can you carry it upstairs? otherwise some CBD parks let you stay for free. Don't know your end of town though.
  4. My apartment is large enough to have a scooter in it... but there are some stairs and a smallish lift involved.
    I called Premier Parking who advertise $1 a day for their parking station under the Westin on Swanston St. The lady said it would probably be okay leaving the bike there overnight. She wasn't too convincing. So I will go and ask the attendant at the station about it.
    The stations should seriously consider offering more permanent motorbile parking... it could be a profitable business... especially with us city dwellers.
    Which parking stations do you know of that allow free parking?
  5. hmmmm interesting, i've often wondered about people who live in city apartments without any parking at all.

    any chance your building as rear lane access? could you squeeze in somewhere out the back? under a stair case? behind a rubbish bin?
  6. It's not that they offer 'free" parking they just let us slide past the gate and park. Under Collins Place. :wink:
  7. My apartment block is surrounded by a lane where people usually go for reasons they don't want other people to know about. It is definitely the last place anyone would want to leave anything of any value. It won't be there in the morning. A friend this morning suggested a space in front of a bank on Collins Street would be much safer.
    Thanks very much for the info about the parking station. I will check out Collins Place and those stations nearby. I don't expect parking for free, but some 'pay' options would be good. The dollar a day sounds good... as long as I don't have to go and actually give them a dollar a day :p
  8. I park in that car park all the time and it is basically $1 every time you leave. If you leave your bike in for a few days (which I have done a couple of times) It still only costs a dollar. It is manned 24/7 so probably about as secure as any other car park. I have parked in a couple of others around the city and they have been either free or similarly cheap. The bike parking at the Westin is relatively shielded from all the knuckle head drunks as it's down a level and in a section pretty much on it's own. Not too many drunk cage drivers passing by to get to their cars :grin:

    Overall, I would recommend it quite highly! (and no, I don't work there...)
  9. Hey thanks FreddyB
    I wondered how the $1 a day would work. You've renewed my confidence in having a safe place to keep my new scooter. The Westin sounds like a good deal.
    There is a parking station right outside my bathroom window (enter at 300 Flinders Street), but the attendant there was not keen at all about a bike being left overnight. Strange because the place really empties out on nights and weekends. It would be perfect because I could keep an eye on the bike as I shower :)
  10. Certainly if you do get stuck parking it outside, lock it to a pole (via the frame, if you can) for both anti-theft security and because it's less likely to get knocked over by that drunk who finds it so funny to sit on it and go "brrmmm", and always cover it (preferably with a bike cover which you can lock, so it itself will not get stolen). I live in Carlton, near the most popular pub for the witty cultured college students (college uni students are a special breed!), and it's a great way to sleep badly, having to lock your precious on the street amidst such crowds! I'm like that old lady across the road, constantly at my blinds at night peering out! :LOL: :( Car park parking sounds great! Can you find a spot to lock it to something? Also find a spot where bovines...I mean cars! are not going to drive / reverse into it.
  11. You've obviously never seen the trampoline episode of the Simpson then have you.

    Homer couldn't get rid of a trampoline until he chained it to a tree and it was stolen almost immediately :LOL:

    Mind you it was returned soon after :roll:
  12. Yes, and another side-effect (on a serious note) of the old "locking to the pole via the frame" trick, is that if they really want it, they will cut through the frame! :(

    I forgot to point out above that the main secruity purpose of the cover is both to make it less eye-catching, and to stop drunks from getting on it and going "vrrrm vrrrm". Last time this happened to me was a week and a half ago in the city. Yes, they damaged something! :mad: