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Parking in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rokster, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Hi there Guys and Gals,

    I need to ride into the Sydney CBD for a course in the coming days. The course itself is near Circular Quay - 200 George Street.

    What/where is the best place to park a bike during the day ?

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Circular Quay?? Why risk it, take the train, matey!!
  3. And leave the bike standing on Blacktown or Seven Hills Station ?

    One is as bad as the other me thinks...

    But ok... let's add to the question then.. which station do any of you use regularly towards the Hills area, and where do you leave your bikes ?
  4. Dude, there are plenty of free bike parking in that area.
    If you want to be safe in numbers, park your bike at Clarence St where the Harbour Br entrance starts and just walk down Grosvenor St to get to your training address. There are heaps of sportsbike and other more desireable bikes parked there.

    Also there is a major free bike parking on Lang St (comes off Grosvenor St) . . but get there before the Vespas and TGBs get there. They are all sardined along there.
  5. Thanks Mickyb... I'll give them a go...
  6. I generally park on Kent Street, lots of parking there. Also, if I cannot find any on that street I just take a right into King Street and there is more parking there (people also park on the kerb there next to the motorcycle parking in the building alcoves).
  7. Don't park at Seven Hills station.
    Even if they have CCTV cameras.

    My car got broken into there for a 70cents !!
    Cost me $500 to repair the busted lock.
    While my car had inside a NAVMAN, cordless drill set, brand new swiss army knife, two garage remote control fobs and house keys ! :eek: :shock:

    And the dumb ****s didn't even take them, jsut gave me a $500 headache !!!
  8. You could also try on Erskine street under the Western Distributer. Though I think that area has been halved recently.

    Sean D
  9. Rokster - I got back form Melbourne yesterday.

    You know in the city bikes are allowed to park on the footpath?!?!?!

    Well, it LOOKS like they are. Saw loads parked and no tickets or anything.
    Just parked outside shops and work, wherever.

    I know we think they've got it tough with speeding tolerance and stuff, but damned if footpath parking isn't a sweet deal ^_^
  10. you cant park on the footpath in sydney?

    i think the rule is here you can, but you are not allowed to ride on the foot path.
  11. soo your allowed to park on the foot path any in sydney?
    lol dont u get fined or something?
  12. Not allowed; only in Melbourne.
  13. what if u do park on tha foot path?
    wat the worse tat can happen?
  14. fine? tow? most likely a fine, probably just parking ticket?
  15. $65 fine.

    I'll dig up my list of parking in Sydney CBD.
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  17. wow intresting!
  18. If possible, I try to park at Star City casino.

    Always good to have the gamblers subsidise your parking/food/entertainment :)

    I don't think it's possible to pay more than $15 last time I was there. Gawd blessem.
  19. that is so cool Brad.
    your mate Brendan (i think thats his name), the guy with the yellow and black leathers parks at the end of Clarence St where the Harbour bridge starts. I was in a cab and I got the cabbie to toot the horn, he just gave a dirty look thinking WTF !! :rofl:
  20. Guys park their bikes in Cumberland st The Rocks ,I don't thinks it's fully legal ,BUT a good 20-30 bikes park there every day ,its off the road ,behind a concret road barrier ,and i have never seen anyone booked as it's got NO "no parking signs".
    Well you check it out for your self spend 5 minutes waiting around and ask ,other riders.
    You go right to the end of george street ,and turn SHARP left and its 100meter up the road ,in cumberland street ,it's right under the harbour bridge.
    And 10 minutes walk to the ferrys at the Quay.
    My parents live 50 meters up the road ,and bikes have parked there for as long as i can remember.