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NSW Parking in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pbbtm11, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Hi folks. I'm a new rider just got my license and bike for few month. I ride mainly from home to CBD for work and school, never had problem with parking until today. I parked in the space between two cars along the street in the parking zone, the sign says"9am-6pm, 2P ticket", just like i always did. I parked for like 20 mins. Then i got fined for "parking without ticket". I went to the city council and people there told me i always need ticket for parking in a ticket parking zone in NSW, doesnt matter if i take a whole parking space or not. But i also saw this when i tried to find information on internet, Motorcycles and scooters - City of Sydney, which says you dont need ticket to park in CBD. So here are my questions-
    1. Do motorcycles need parking ticket? yet they don't occupy a parking space?
    2. Even i do pay for the ticket, how can i present the ticket? If i leave it on the bike people can just take it and use it for their own parking.
    3. Are rules varied for different cities?
    Please folks i really need some clear explanations here, dont wanna get more fines.

  2. I would write to them with a copy of the fine, and a copy of that information you linked, and that you relied on their own information when parking. That you feel it is unfair to be fined because you relied on their own information. That if the information they publish is now wrong, then they should update the information on the web first so that more people people don't rely on outdated information and get fined unfairly.

    I tend to think though the web information would be correct though, and that you have just come across a few people that don't know their own rules.
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  3. hi mate, if you were there less than 2hrs then it sounds like you have been ticketed unfairly. however, were you parked in an actual marked space or were you straddling the line between two marked spaces? this may be the difference.

    have a look at this topic from earlier this year and see if it helps. [NSW] - Parking Infringement
  4. most parking doesn't need a ticket IF you obey the time limits.
    however there are some areas where this does not apply (eg Botanic Gardens)

    where exactly did you park? (google maps link?)

    they may get you on being between spaces, but if the ticket doesn7t specify that.. you should be able to get ticket overturned

    regarding your Q's
    1. no ticket, BUT you should park as a normal vehicle, particularly if the spaces are marked out and numbered. in that case you should take up a whole spot, not between (but dunno if they can actually fine you for that)
    2. you can't, and that's why ticket is not needed.
    3. different cities, different rules
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    I wouldnt trust the people behind the counter at the council to know everything.
    In my experience - if I have a good argument - sending a well written letter with your arguments with a copy or printout of that weblink will get more attention - and usually a letter saying that they have dropped it will be sent back. Something in writing gets more attention.
    And your point 2 is quite valid - if it was needed where do they suggest you put the ticket?
  6. I've had a couple of instances of needing to display tickets when on the bike in Canberra car parkes. What I used to do is take a photo of the ticket on the bike up close so it can be read, then another a little further back that shows the ticket, bike and some distinguishing street feature. Would this have stood up ? - don't know as luckily the tickets were always there when I returned.
  7. Where in the cbd was it. Some parts are excluded