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Parking in Perth

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Over the last couple of weeks i seem to have been a magnet for those sneaky little parking inspectors.

    A couple of weeks ago i rode into Claremont and after checking the m/c bays (they were all full) i parked in a car bay to run into the post office to pay some bills. When i came out a ranger was writing me a ticket and when i asked him WTF he says 'motor bikes cant park in car bays here'. I was a little shocked and told him i had no idea that was the case and i've never heard of that before because its just stupid and i pointed out that the m/c bays were all full. Anyway eventually he agreed to give me a warning this time.

    So this prompted me to investigate further and i found that the following councils have clauses buried in their by-laws that do in fact prevent bikes from parking in car bays....

    Town of Claremont
    Town of Cottesloe (they even have a specific penalty of $45 for it!)
    City of Perth
    City of Bayswater
    City of Wanneroo

    There are no doubt others around as well.

    Interesting food for thought anyway. I wonder if other councils round OZ have similar clauses. Seems to me that they are just asking for someone to challenge it.....and it might just have to be me 8)
  2. Yes, I've fallen foul of Claremont myself. I was actually told that I was occupying a bay that might be needed for, "a more important vehicle", as mine was only "recreational"....WTF!..... its my everyday transport. Still at least I know know that I am a less important sub-species.
  3. "Recreational" hey. You really are a man of leasure aren't you :p

    This is what i mean, i think theres a lack of understanding from the council law makers (no suprise there!) When your sitting behind a desk writing these laws i suppose i can understand that it does make sense to have bikes in bike bays and cars in car bays, but in practice i guess its a little different.

    oh well.

    he he "sub-species" i love it.
  4. Actually I wouldn't mind being banned from car bays if the WA gummint would allow us to pavement park like the eastern states, but without it there just arent enough bike bays to go around.
  5. Yeah true dat.
    only prob is that lots of our footpaths seem to be crappy uneven paving and narrow. I could easily see people knocking over bikes on our footpaths.
  6. Thats bloody ridiculous!... I would have the pen and paper out and be writing some nice letters to such councils as well as others... I cant get over that :shock:
  7. See...told ya we wuz a sub-species! :cry:
  8. Take it upon yourself to write a letter to your government/politicians (incl opposition) and explain the predicament. Highlight the need for a commonsense approach to parking, citing the Victorian government's positive attitude.


    Victorians have the same crappy footpaths and idiots who might knock bikes over, but common sense has still prevailed in this rare instance.

    Challenge your government to do likewise!
  9. This sounds like a story for one of those bad curren affair programs. They hate councils.
  10. Now's the time for a national push for footpath parking, I reckon. There's plenty of talk about traffic congestion going on at present, to fuel it.
    If Victoria can get one more state to follow us, I'm convinced the others will fall like dominoes. Maybe the WA riders can organise a campaign based around the absurd council bylaws over there, to instigate a footpath parking trial?