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parking in NSW & Victoria

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by picorat, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    ok, this is a really noob question, so please don't fall back in your chair laughing.

    What are the parking regulations in NSW and Victoria with regards to bikes? I've seen bikes in NSW parked along the kerb, 2 to one car lot. Do they need to pay for parking? if so, where does the ticket go?

    Also, are we allowed to enter carparks?

    I don't ever actively recall seeing bikes being parked in melbourne though. uh, is there somewhere where all the bikes go? like a carpark or something...

  2. in Melbourne a bike can park on (almost ) any footpath as long as they are not obstructing foot traffic. some streets have sections were you cant and it is sign posted as such (Flinders lane for instance)

    Yes bikes can use car parks.

    in NSW we cant park on the footpath because the pollies are stupid, that said, often there are specified bike parking spaces at shopping malls etc.

    hope this helps

  3. There are dedicated free motorcyle spots in some parts of the Melbourne CBD. Sometimes they can include ground anchor points to secure your bike with a leash or chain. Examples include Elizabeth St in front of the old Argus building, Lonsdale St at Russell St and Russell St btn Collins and Little Collins.
    From memory the was a time when a couple of private carparks offered cheaper rates for bikes, somewhere in Flinders Lane near City Square (I think).
  4. In the ACT most carparks also include a free section where motorcycle parking is not time-restricted.

    Shopping malls have dedicated parking spots also where you can park and leave without having to go through the boom gates, so parking is free there also.

    The local shopping mall in central Wollongong has a dedicated motorcycle parking area but it is within the boom gates and you pay the same as a car pays as you leave.

    From what I have been able to see in the rest of NSW, parking regulations are determined bu local councils and hence vary widely.
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies!~

    so as a general guide, we're allowed to park anywhere in melbourne as long as it's not sign posted? Do we have to pay for parking in melbourne if we were to park within carparks?

    G seems to be suggesting that parking in CBD in melbourne is only allowed when signposted?

    as for bike parking spaces in nsw, where do we put the ticket when we park off street? or do we have to pay to begin with? and as for the shopping malls, how do we know if they have motorbike parking? I haven't seen any bike parking lots around the shopping centres within sydney cbd before... not that i've noticed anyway.

    Thanks for all the replies! I really appreciate it, coz' i'm really quite clueless as on to where to park in the cbd, where ticket inspectors seem to be everywhere all the time
  6. NSW has totally different rules to Victoria, if your in NSW be carefull not to confuse things the lucky mexicans can do with the joke we have in NSW.

    No parking on footpath :evil:

    Only 1 bike per parking space. This includes when theres a 2P, 3P, etc sign, the bike is considered a full veichle. :evil:

    You have to buy a ticket at parking meter areas and display it in the windshield like a car, except you dont have a windshield and someone will steal your ticket or it will blow away and you will get a fine :evil:

    Bikes can park anywhere a car can, including parking stations. Some places have free bike parking, others charge full price. Often the boom gate sensor wont detect your bike because its too small and wont open or give you a ticket :evil: Really sux when its down a ramp and theres no way you can push the bike backwards so you get stuck there until punching the box multiple times makes it spit out a ticket and open :evil:

    Your not suposed to park most places but really you wont get in trouble if you squeeze into a sensible place in supermarket carparks and stuff.

    In Victoria they can park on the footpath, thats all I know.
    Bastards :LOL:
  7. hey Jmuzz, another wollongong rider!!!
  8. Hey, thanks for clarifying things!

    Do you have any idea where I can get the proper necessary information? I've been poking around RTA's website but there dosen't seem to be anything.

    And yah, it dosen't quite make sense for bikes to get a ticket. We just simply don't have anywhere to display it. And I don't see what's stopping others from taking away tickets displayed on bikes.

    Perhaps we can come up with a list of buildings with free parking lots?
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