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Parking in NSW: Mrs Macquaries Road /Chair

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by sly, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Got booked for parking between 2 cars yesterday on this road. I was parked there for a couple of hours, well within the 6P limit. As per the new rules that bikes no longer pay in paid spots, I didn't bother with a parking ticket.

    So on the infringement notice it says the fine is for parking in an occupied spot...

    I plan challenging it, but was wondering if anyone has had any similar experience or any advice at all would be appreciated.

  2. lol. yes, i got a ticket for occupying a whole spot. it's its own special "zone" therefore they make their own rules. i wrote a letter and got back a reply saying pay the fine, bad luck.

    they do have dedicated bike parking spots which i use now. it made for a very expensive picnic. feel free to write in though.
  3. Where exactly were you parked, in your own parking space, or between two cars parked in two spaces nose to tail....

    As evil said, there is different rules in that area, for example, no "L" platers....

    The rangers in this area do watch the parking very carefully....
  4. Sorry, but the Botanic Gardens and The Domain aren't classed as part of the City of Sydney - they're under the control of the Botanic Gardens Trust, and standard parking rules apply. So unfortunately you're going to have to pay up.

    Parking in your own space wouldn't have helped either, as by your own admission you didn't get a parking ticket and therefore you would've copped a fine for parking without displaying a valid ticket.
  5. Thanks guys.

    My argument is that the City of Sydney publish a map on their website defining the area and specific motorcycle parking spots, Mrs Macquaries Road is clearly within that area...

    See here
  6. sly i thought exactly the same thing. the map is ambiguous but as i and rjbsmith said it is its own area. what would pass muster in the city doesn't there. and they dont tell you this.

    those rangers that drive around in a golf cart love to ping motorcyclists....sorry.
  7. If you look at that map again you'll see there's a No Parking symbol over Mrs Macquaries Road, making it quite clear that the motorcycle parking rules don't apply there.
  8. Fair call rjbsmith.

    To be honest, I was looking at the off street parking map, not this one...

    Like anyone I guess, I cannot stand giving authorities more money than already get, especially when they end up spending it on overseas jaunts - but thats another discussion...

    I spoke to the rangers there this morning and he had no idea at all that motorcycles didn't have to pay in metered spots in the City of Sydney. When I asked how I was supposed to know that City of Sydney rules didn't apply on that road, he didn't have an answer...

    I'm a stubborn bastard and will happily give up my time to fight this kind of thing, what do you reckon?
  9. Pay the fine.

    You will find also that if you were to park in areas of the rocks, circular quay, that these areas are patrolled by the harbour foreshore authority, and will have different interpretations to what sydney city council says.
  10. It makes you wonder what they expect you to do when they have different rules in different streets, which is essentially what it is. It's SYDNEY for Christ's sake! The rules should be the same from one end to the other. Apart from that, re:ticketted parking... wtf do they expect you to do with the ticket on a bike? You physically can't display it, because it's either gunna blow away or some c*** is gunna swipe it. Sounds to me like another clear cut case of anti-motorcycle discrimination.
  11. For the main part of the CBD, you do not need to purchase or display a parking ticket to park your bike in a normal timed parking spot, but you do have to comply with the time restrictions. If you overstay your time, i.e. 1hr parking limit, then you will be fined, the same as if you had paid the meter....
  12. if you were smart and willing to potentially lie in court, you could have stayed well away from a public forum. Then, ditch the fine and when the reminder turns up in the mail takie it to court saying
    a) you bought a ticket and pocketed it to make sure no one could steal it, but you could reproduce it if necessary
    b) the fine wasnt on the bike when you got back to it (it had blown away or someone had snatched it for a laugh)
    c) as you assumed there was no issue with your parking the bike there had since thrown out the parking ticket.

    but that also depends on the offence of the fine - for parking in an occupied spot i doubt that would work, and you can count on them having photo's as well
  13. Agreed mate, it's all frickin Sydney, people shouldn't have to guess whats Sydney and whats not, it's ridiculous but not surprising from this government and RTA morons.
  14. Who's to say that the car wasn't occupying your spot? Sort of off topic but has anyone been booked in Sydney for overstaying the limit? I always see a bunch of bikes parked all day in the 2P zones outside of work.
  15. Yep got booked in Paddington in a 2P zone, had parked there all day. ](*,)
  16. It frustrated me no end after clover Moore hit the front page of the smh last year touting "free bike parking in the city" what a load of crock:

    all the timed spots in the city are usually either loading, bus, taxi or handicapped during 9-5 which is when people want to park their bikes in the city, let's be realistic, most of the bikes parked in the city are there because of city workers, so clover, thanks for giving me "free parking in a 1hour timed spot. What a useless gesture. Yes I'm one on the guys who used to park under the bridge overpass and have been fined multiple times. What are my choices, all the spots in the city are full by 0730, in wynyard where I work, 0700, which is crazy. There are simply not enough spots for bikes. Why can't we park on footpaths? I spoke to a guy who parks in a descrete area off a footpath in wynyard, he said he gets fined about once a week, he didn't seem too preturbed, prob earns enough not to worry about it..

    Sorry unrelated from OP, I just felt like having a rant.
  17. In all seriousness bwv1000, if you were to drive a car to wynyard, because that's where you work, would you also be expecting free parking.
    Riding a bike is your choice of transport, and accordingly you have the same parking rights as any other form of transport, it's just that the council have given you an extra priviledge in the way of free timed parking, within most parts of the cbd.
  18. Grange I agree, we are privileged by being offered the free parking in the first place, but i take it with the grain of salt from not having a toll consession, being forced to share the road with four wheel drives (mosman, not agricultural style), and having to put up with people trying to kill me (albeit in ignorance) from not checking their blindspots. Anyway, we can never have it all.