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Parking in NSW, and I've finally got a bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharlieBrown, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. First I'd like to start off with the new that Im now a pround bike owner, ZZR250. Finally out on the road and yesterday had the first experience of "becoming one with the bike", cheesy, but dont know how else to put it. Damn cool experience but it made me kinda dizzy!

    So as for the other topic, we allowed to park on the pavement here in NSW? Cause we can in Victoria. Just don't want to come back from the shops to find my bike on a tow truck!
  2. I'm in VIC.

    Can't comment on parking in NSW but in VIC when I have a doubt if my bike can be parked somewhere...I just try and put it in a hard to get to place by a car and put a disc lock on it...so if someone trys to tow/steal it they'll have to carry it far to do so.
  3. I was under the impression we're not allowed to park on the footpath, but I'd be very happy to be proven wrong on this one.
  4. Yeah mate its a handy thing to be able to do, literally pull up at the shops!
  5. There's a bit of an unspoken agreement between parking inspectors and riders; park the bike in such a spot that it doesn't get in anyone's way, and you'll be ok... that means away from really busy footpaths, in recesses on the facades of buildings where available and so forth...
  6. Check the RTA web-site www.rta.nsw.gov.au
    I never see anyone parking a bike on a footpath and I think that's because it is not legal.
  7. The problem with any unspoken agreements with parking officers is that they can easily break down. One day for example they might feel under pressure to meet their quota and bingo - there goes your agreement, and you'll have to pay up, because "I thought we had an agreement your honour' is not going to wash.
  8. OK i looked on the rta sight and the closest thing i could find that related to a parking affence on the pavement was Rule 197 (1) Stop on path/strip in built-up area, so im guessing that the un written law is actually written, it can just be manipulated quite easily.
  9. Over the time I lived in Sydney, I never got a parking ticket for leaving my bike hard up against the wall or a concrete column near the vestibule of a CBD office building... I got two in the car according to which the car was parked on the next block over from where it actually was, conveniently placing it in a no-standing zone.
  10. Parking on footpaths in Victoria is quite legal, so long as you stick to the guidelines published (I can't remember by who, but I think its the RTA.). I've read a brochure at HART that was published by (RTA?).

    Can't say about anywhere else though.
  11. It is illegal to park on the pavement.

    Most parking inspectors are nice enough to not book you, if you're obviously not in the way.

    In newtown, I parked on the pavement outside my house for a year, and never got a ticket.

    But, the fine for parking on the footpath is the lowest of all possible fines. $65 vs anything else.

    If you're going to take the risk of parking illegally, park on the pavement.
  12. you are correct as i saw an inspector in the city the other day booking a beautiful red fireblade for parking on the pavement......and yes it was outta the way of foot traffic
  13. I actually approached a parking ranger and got the low down on the parking laws for bikes in Sydney, and he told me

    Obviously some rangers turn a blind eye if its out of the way, but I always park inside the property line of a building....then its between you and the building owner, not the ranger.
  14. I dont know about other riders but I am finding it hard to find a palce to park in Sydney. I have had 3 parking tickets in the last 3 months for parking on the footpath on what I thought was private property (near Darling Harbour). Whats the go !!
    Why dont they let us park in areas that can not be used for car parking & is not blocking the public.

    Council need to supply more motorbike parking area.
    Or what about carparking stations renting out those small areas that are no good for a car at a very cheap rate...

    There must be something that can be done about this problem...

    New rider
  15. you sound like you have an idea about what could be done to solve the problem - how about you start writing some letters?
  16. This link might help some
  17. Go for a look on King street (4 on the map), you will see every day bikes on the footpath stashed in crevices of the building although still jutting out on the footpath. On Pitt St (9 on the map), near the law courts there aswell as Market st outside Myer (7 on the map), you will see bikes piled up around and in front of the columns(parallel to the road).

    As I ride to work everyday, I pay $55/month for security parking on Sussex street which is available 24x7.... (sometimes even when you use a car after hours :wink: )....

    Regards, Nick
  18. Please note all Melbourne Noobs: the exact opposite is true in Victoria - if you park inside the line of a building, parking inspectors CAN give you a ticket. This has come about because several building owners complained to Melbourne City Council that thay don't want bikes on their property (Melbourne Central was one of them). The trouble is you won't know for sure whether any particular owner has given the council rights to ticket on their property.
    If you park on the footpath (without blocking it) in Vic, you will be OK, so long as there is no specific signage that says otherwise.
    About time the rest of the country caught up with Victoria, on this one
  19. That is, until the "there is a need to make motorbikes behave the same as motor cars" theory is extended beyond lane splitting. I bet the crowd that gets incenced by bikes splitting purely because they think it is unfair is equally pissed about bikes parking on footpaths.
  20. Could be worse - the council could put in specific motorcycle parking that is completely unuseable. Ballarat council saw fit to put in "motorcycle bays" at the start of 45 degree angle car spaces - only problem is they're: too small to fit most bikes in, and on a very steep downhill bit of road so any bike parked there would be difficult to reverse out and highly likely to fall on the car next to it (at least on the downhill side of the road). Even the parking inspector doesn't use 'em - he parks on the footpath.