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Parking in North Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ihaveduff, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I have a seminar on tomorrow at Luna Park from 2:30 - 5:00. Does anyone know where the closes bike parking is? Is the Luna Park carpark bike friendly?

  2. ha.. are you game? are you ready for it? :roll:
    Before the Luna, there are all these P spots on your left going down. There are two spots with a something on the floor or a pole infront or something (can't remember) that would fit a bike next to the cars and you won't have to pay.
    wait, got it in google maps:


    i didn't blur the photo, bloody Apec did fraked up the maps and they are still not back in full definition
  3. dont park anywhere you shouldn't mate. Nth Sydney rangers WILL book you if they can, trust me i lived there for a year and that was enough. i dont know of bike parking around Luna Park exactly, but there is a bit available up around the station, thats a bit of a hike but. maybe try some quite residential streets near by without time limits may be your best bet, they do exist.
  4. Really glad to see you're following your dreams and going to Clown College Duff! :grin:
  5. It's true. North sydney ranger are the worst off all. They have the pda's with the cameras and they snap and print at the same time.
    But, i think the spot i mentioned is not illigal to park, all around there, there are designated spots to park and those ones are too small for a car..
    Anyway, have a look while you are there and make up your own mind, it's your pocket that might suffer..
    I've used those spots my self in the past, but maybe i was lucky...
  6. Orrrrrrrr
    remove your number plate........ then you'll get a sticker and nooo ticket..... from what I've seen they never pick up a vehicle the same day they sticker it for removal.... :grin:
  7. :LOL: :LOL: i'll teach you how to be the human cannonball mate...

    Thanks for the warnings guys - supernego, i'll have me a look at those spaces (and hope they're free)... if not i'll just have to try and bribe my way around the exit barrier at the luna park carpark :p
  8. dudu dudududu dudu dudu

    HEY HEY!