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Parking in neutral or in gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vulinghuynh6, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I park in neutral

  2. I park in gear

  3. It depends

  4. Who cares?

  1. Hey riders! I am actually curious as to who parks their bikes in gear or neutral. I know that people park in gear to prevent the bike from possibly rolling and/or falling on an uneven surface, and park in neutral when on flat surface. However, wouldn't it be more practical to always park in gear, rather than neutral?

    For those who park in neutral, why exactly do you do it? Also, for those who park in gear, why? Personally, I always park in gear, because why not? Creates a good habbit of always holding in the clutch to start the bike up, avoiding a false neutral. The only time I go to neutral is when my left arm gets tired in traffic.

  2. These days I always park in gear. I've read that the GSX750F will fall off the side stand fairly easily, which I can well believe, so it's a case of better safe than sorry (particularly when it weighs 211 kg dry).
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  3. I park in gear for the roll off and being nudged factor regardless of lean angle of road/parking bay
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  4. Park in gear as a safety net in case the bike gets a nudge.
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  5. In gear ... acts as a 'handbrake'.
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  6. As FractalzFractalz said, it is the closest thing to a handbrake on the bike. Always in gear. It is part of the WA licence test.
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  7. I always park in gear when out and about. Park it in neutral in the garage as have to wheel bike around to put it away and get it out to go riding.
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  8. I tend to park in gear when I accidentally let the clutch out too early and stall it. It's kinda like "I didn't stall - I'm parking now and meant to do that" ;)

    Jokes aside, I've always parked in Neutral. Not sure why - that's what I did when I was a kid, and it's kinda stuck. Makes it easier to push I guess. However recently I'm trying to change that habit as I became aware of the benefits of parking in gear only last month...
  9. Depends....
    the BMW, I generally park in neutral so I can get it onto its center stand.
    the Cagiva, I park in gear, basically because it hasn't got a neutral, that I can find.
    the Gilera scooter I usually park on its center stand....what is neutral?
  10. Same here; in gear when in "public" then in neutral when parked at home, as the garage is nice and flat, and it saves me from having to put it into neutral when starting up and warming the bike up while putting my gear on.
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  11. I was wondering why anybody would ever leave it in neutral, but forgot ye-oldy bikes once had centre stands.:wacky:
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  12. If I'm leaving it on the side stand than it's in gear. If it's on the centre stand then it's in neutral.
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  13. Gotta hold the clutch in to start the triumph, and my garage has a decent back to front slope.

    So really no reason to ever leave it in neutral for me.
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  14. Like others I park in neutral in the garage but have been getting into the habit of leaving it in gear when out and about.
  15. You mean there are bikes without centre stands?
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  16. I didn't know you rode a Harley?
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  17. I almost never park in gear. Pretty much only do it when I have to park on a hill and even then only sometimes. I bypassed my clutch switch after a mysterious electrical incident and never felt the need to reconnect it.

    How could it possibly be more practical to always park in gear? I find your ideas difficult to understand. The scenarios where I could come to grief seem pretty implausible. Parking in gear is a pain in the arse with a bike like mine.
  18. Funny you should ask that ....
    It's a standard practice so that muscle memory takes over in emergencies.
    A few years ago I was on a group ride through some new territory when the chick in front came a gutser in front of me (and the rest of the group) ... I pulled up, as did others, and as I dismounted and turned to move toward the fallen rider >> the rider behind me stopped, proceeded to take the time to put it in neutral, dismounted and we all proceeded to watch his bike roll forward and fall ... why he felt the need to pause to find neutral I will never understand. Just a habit I guess. So instead of racing to the aid of the fallen rider (who was ok really) we were distracted by this chaos of another bike on it's side.

    It's like using the kill-switch ... it builds a memory so that in an urgent situation there is no hesitation. Putting it in neutral is always available as a choice when needed. Sometimes I do ... mostly not though.
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  19. I think it's a trike!
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  20. 99.9% she's parked in gear and I got a nasty reminder why, last weekend.

    Stopped behind cjvfrcjvfr to have a quick chat, thought about switching off and parking in gear, but left it in neutral with engine running instead.

    I was 1/2 way through the dismount, when she rolled forward off the stand.
    I jumped sideways, bike fell over. 'Fcuking Idiot!' I deserved that.

    Never again...
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