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Parking in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Porchy, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Good afternoon ladies, gents and anyone considering themselves in the category of other.

    I am heading up to Melbourne on Friday and whilst I know that in the CBD there are plenty of areas for parking your bike, I was wondering if there are any designated go and no go zones for parking around the Melbourne Museum?

    It's been a while since I've been there and can't remember if or where I saw bikes parked.


  2. Just don't park near a tram stop or an entrance/block a path and you should be okay
  3. There are a few signed areas where you cannot park your bike, from memory outside Australia on Collins (street), parts of Flinders Lane and Degraves St. and around RMIT. Maybe some others (check for signs). Also, you can be ticketed if you significantly obstruct reasonable access but common sense usually applies. Be especially careful not to inadvertently park inside the property line even if it looks like a pedestrian area.
  4. cool thanks guys I'll look for signs and do as you suggest
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  5. Awesome link. Thanks Petesul
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  6. get on google st view and have a look around. quite a few bikes park in the area. if you want somewhere quieter than rathdowne st try drummond st.
  7. It pains me to say this as a true Queenslander, but I was just in Melbourne area for a few days for work and the whole parking on the footpath looks to be awesome. I flew down so did not have my bike but I was super impressed by it and the number of people commuting on bikes.
    (y) Great work Melbourne
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  8. While this thread is bumped, I'll point out one thing I often see people doing incorrectly (quoting from Petesul's link above, since it mentions it and saves me word thinking):

    "[Do] ensure your motorcycle is at least one motorcycle length out from the building line to allow free passage of pedestrians (this is important as people with a visual and/or physical impairment may use the building line for navigation)"

    EDIT: And, yeah, footpath parking is just plan smart policy. With the condition of it not causing anyone problems (if we boil the rules down), there is no downside.
  9. The link also says you must walk your bike while it is on the footpath, which isn't practical/safe. Unless they mean duck walking, but they don't say that.
  10. I'm in Melbourne for a few days, and have been really impressed by this. Smart policy, and makes the streets an enjoyable bike showroom.

    Yesterday I had to go into the CBD, and was going to ride mainly because of this. No parking hassles! In the end I chickened out and got the train instead. Still a bit intimidated by Melbourne traffic (having only ridden in a regional town up to now). Cowardly, I know, and I am ashamed. I haven't braved filtering yet either.
  11. No reason to be ashamed, the traffic can be a bit hard to get used to especially on some of the tighter roads. But you will get used to in, an soon enough be sliding through the congestion wondering why anyone would drive a car or catch a train if they have the choice. I caught the train for over 10 years, but on the bike my travel time is cut in half, more reliable, and I enjoy the trip.
  12. And you have to watch out for tram tracks in Melbourne, not nice in the dry and evil in the wet. Plus hook turns!

    Hook turns are easy, signed, and are generally in the CBD or South Melbourne where you would be holding up a tram if you were turning right. Pull left and wait for the change of lights.
  13. @rcheli32@rcheli32 Well, it was only a little moment of shame. No-one likes chickening out! Won't have time develop my city chops that far this time as I'm heading back to the sticks in a couple of days.

    @Petesul@Petesul Have done hook turns in the car on previous trips, so they hold no fear. But I don't want to think much about wet tram tracks ...

    Back on topic, kudos to Melbourne for this enlightened policy. I see a lot of complaints here about VIC cops, TAC etc, but this is one good thing. There seem to be a lot of motorcycles around this city, and I wonder if this is a contributor.
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  14. Footpath parking definitely contributes to the number of commuters on bikes. I know if I have to go into the city the bike is the first choice. It was hard fought for and the City council has tried to revoke it on multiple occasions. A successful protest was mounted where motorcyclist parked legally on bike per car space bringing the city to a standstill and forcing the council to climb down quickly.
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  15. Excellent. Well, kudos then to those who fought for it.
  16. Well, the reason for that seems pretty obvious -safety of pedestrians- and the desired result can easily be achieved by other means (i.e. having half a brain and a modicum of skill). The blind people thing, though, can only be achieved by parking out of the way, and has other potential advantages.
  17. Yep I agree some common sense seems sufficient. you go slowly, at walking pace, and you duck walk if necessary and give way to all pedestrians. But dismounting and walking your bike is not as safe IMHO because you don't have as effective control.
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  18. Yeah, may have been one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time... to someone who doesn't actually ride. But my main point was that the thing about not parking next to walls is unlike it because it is actually an effective way to deal with a genuine issue (even if the people it affects are a small minority).
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