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VIC Parking in front of speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Stuart_T, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Just a thought, with the newer generation of speed cameras that are bumper mounted, it would be quite easy to park in front of the camera and prevent it taking photos. As the person running them is often a civilian, could they tell you to bugger off? Is there a law against parking near an operational speed camera?

    Not that I'm planning to rampage around the place, parking in front of them, just idle curiosity...

    Stuart T

  2. A friend of mine did that accidentally. He was told in no uncertain terms to 'move along'

    Where possible, the cops like to park near the far end of parking areas(closest to the no standing zone) to get an unobstructed view. If you park in front of them there you may not lose demerit points but you will be fined.
  3. thats would only be if you are parking in the no standing zone, the camera cars are operated by an outsourced civillian operation, so they cant tell you to move to the best of my knowledge.

    feel free to test the waters, dont blame me tho :p
  4. I have been "tinkering" with my number plate , anyway the night of the BBQ they set up a speed camera in the next street , so I rode around and parked in front to see it the flah effect worked or not .
    I asked the bloke in the car where would be the best place to park and where could i park so i didnt odstruct him .
    The rule is 20 metres he said.
    Must not have a car or anything with in 20 metres of the camera .

    we chatted for about 20 miniutes telling me how the camera works and which were the best ways to aviod them .
    he was happy to let me park there , when he got out and was chatting with me , some idiot in a merc saw me and the bloke standinng next to the bike and decided to show off so he gunned it back to second and blistered through the trap " FLASH" hehehehe

    One other thing he told me
    60 km zone radar is set on 66 to catch
    100 km zone radar is set on 107 to catch .
  5. The civilians couldn't do squat without calling in the cavalry but I would think there would be something to prevent you from doing it.
  6. Just remember that with this the cameras have an error range of +/- 3 km/hr. Therefore even if it is set on 66 it could possibly start picking you up at 64 (alternatively, it may not pick you up until you are going 70 if the camera reads speed at 3km/hr below what your actual speed is). This is inline with the governments 3 km/hr tolerance. So there is a reason for the cameras to be set at around 6-7 k's over the limit - and it isn't because they are nice - it is only so that in court you can not get off because the camera error was not accounted for.
  7. I didn't think that speed camera's were a police operation anymore, that is why radio stations can nominate where they are during drive reports.

    If you are parked in a legal location/position, how can they "come at you" ?. A civilian contractor cannot ask you to move on, they would have to call the cops for that. If the police come lock the doors and walk away, if you have parked in a legal parking spot they will need a warrant to inspect the inside of your vehicle.

    My thoughts only, I could be wrong.
  8. Being from NSW I could have this all wrong but anyway...

    We have 'civilian' transit officer's on our trains up here who have the power to detain, fine, search. Could it be that these civilian contractors have been given special powers when it come to the safe/efficient running of these cameras?

    We also had a big brew-ha-ha a few years back when MMM started announcing the location of speed cameras. The police wanted them to stop, but they fought back by saying that they were nly interested in the public safety, not in undermining the police...
  9. they will park so they are the first car in the bay , or if you park in front of them or within 20 meteres legally they will move .
    They have no durasiction to book or have booked for impedeing the use of camera .
    They will politley ask if you can move but if you cant , they do .

    The area they set up is decided by the police , using , amount of accidents , complaints from public , black spots etc .
    they are given a street and a rough position of where they need to set up and that is all , they can move 30 metres or so and re set up .
    but generally they set in a spot that they have a clear area in front of them .
  10. groberts03 maybe you could share the tips you learnt with the speed camera operators. Tried chatting to them myself one time but maybe because im just a young kid the operator just ignored me with one word answeres. I dont often speed btw just that it would be good to know a few pointers when i do get caught off gaurd.
  11. 1. camera can only take photo up to 8 metres , so if you are in the far right hand lane , theres a good chance (3 or 4 lane road) that it wont get you .
    2. any obstruction ("ANY" ) of rego plate they have to can the ticket .
    They must have a clear 100 % without doubt photo.
    3. hair spray doesnt work , and is classed as obstructing the plate , like sticking rego label over it .
    4. camera cars include 4 wds , sedans , station wagons of all makes and model s
    5. camera will still get the rego if you wheelie through it .

    only at 240 kph will the camera take a photo of a blank spot
  12. They may have been granted the ability to impose fines. It is possible. However Id say what they would do is record your details and pass them onto the police. The police will then fill your mailbox with all kinds of tickets. I reckon there would be legislation written somewhere in regard to parking in front of a speed camera. Id say ther powers that be wouldve thought about this situation and have acted accordingly.

    When I worked on the council we had sheets to fill out if we saw any cars being stupid. We took as many details as possible and handed them on. The police would then book them on our say so. I had one guys license taken off him for 4 months. He missed me by about 12 inches and was travelling at around 130kph in a 70 zone.
  13. If they are parked in a residental area and you pull in front as it is out the front of where you reside etc , they cant do anything about it legally .
    all parking bays or road sides are open to use at any time (or as sign posted) the only time they can have you done is if you do something to compramise there safety . (imagine living in footscray where they dont have drive ways and have on street residentail parking ,they cant make you park in the next street )
    if you come home from work and find there is one out the front of your house and there is no where else to park , that is the operators problem , he has to ensure a clear 20 metres from the front of the camera .
    They will set up to unsure that it doesnt happen as they want to aviod all contact with the public if they can .
    that is why they have to set up in the first bay . (if marked)
  14. Do you know this or are you assuming this?
  15. Glen, we HAVE driveway! :LOL:

    ...and lectricity, fones, paved roads and TV. We is very sivilised in the West. :wink:
  16. I grew up in Footscray, and we had a drive-way, and so did my neighbour. My uncle used to park in my driveway then take a two minute walk to the Western Oval to see Carlton beat the fcuk out of Footscray as they will always be known to me.

    I think in Prahan they don't have driveways, cause I went to visit a friend once and had to park two blocks away cause I couldn't find anything closer to his house.


    The PUP.
  17. It is also why they have dispensation to park in places where normal road users cannot, such as on median strips and other hazardous areas.

    I also thought that the main reason for such rules about parking were based on safety. So, I must assume that traffic camera cars have some special power that makes them safe from being used as an armco or WR barrier....

    It's like cops who are allowed to speed, despite all the mantra about every kay over doubles the risk, etc.... And how speed cameras are defined as scientific instruments and as such are infallible, unlike normal scientific instros that require regular calibration and testing and certification, etc..
  18. Mobile camera operators (employees of Tenix Solutions P/L) are trained and certified to operate under the delegation of the Chief Commissioner of Police. This delegation is legislated and is therefore encompassed within the offence of deliberately using a device to prevent the effective use of a prescribed speed measuring device.

    In summary, obstruct a mobile speed camera and they'll call the cops and you'll be booked.