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Parking in a regulation car space

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Meph, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    Just a quick question from a newbie.

    Where i work i have a car space, well its not officially mine but im one of the first to arrive in the morning so.... its mine! Now i park my bike there now i ride to work.

    Over the last week, my friends been on holiday so i had 2 strangers parking beside me, and they seem to think that because my bike isn't as wide as a car i don't need all that space, so they can get a tyre over the line or so, just so that they can get away from other cars.

    It was a shiny blue WRX, and an Audi, who wasn't parking beside any other cars, he was getting distance on a fence! So i was just wondering if anyone else finds this when/if they park in a regular car space?

  2. Just park it on an angle and not straight in. Make it as wide as possible to discourage them.
  3. :WStupid: +1 just what i would be saying...
  4. set out cones around your bike.....you never know, they might get close if you park it on an angle......

    or you could do what a mate of mine did to someone that would continually park in a clearly marked "motorbikes only" spot ( the 6 other bikes didn't give it away?) after the 4th night in a row, he took a cup of warm p*ss down at 11pm and splashed it all over the cars door handles.......

    not the most hygenic way of getting a point across.... :p
  5. Ha ha ha, i like his style! Only way to deal with wankers like that without causing damage.
  6. Wait till they do it again. Move your bike. Ring up the parking inspector & get them booked for improper parking. They won't do it again. :LOL:
  7. I almost had a drama with my bike in a woolworths carpark...
    I parked it right at the front of the bay, to the right hand side of an SUV. As I was walking towards my bike I see a car (funnily enough, a WRX) go to park in my bay. He was doing what I'd consider to be "unsafe carpark speeds" and I freaked the F'out thinking that he was about to ream my bike. Luckily he braked in time.
    So my only advice for parking is leave it at the back of the bay, so people can spot it before trying to park in your space.
    In your case though as it's a work car-space, then allowing the people who park next to you a little breathing room would only encourage them to be extra careful of your machine
  8. If the space comes under the authority of local government, then they'll be booked for incorrect parking (you have to be within the space with space on each side of the vehicle to allow are vehicle doors etc to be opened.

    It doesn't matter whether your space is vacant or occupied. They'll still get booked.
  9. does it really matter, as long as you have enough space to mount and dismount... good luck to em?

    my 2c :D
  10. With swifty on this one.

    Yes they should park in their lines but.... how much problems is it causing you?

    If they were not leaving you enough room to get on and off, not allowing you room to leave the lot or just being way to close for comfort then that would be a problem.

    Other then that, whats the big deal? its not like your actually using the space anyway, be it yours.
  11. +1

    Unless they're stupidly close - it's not like you need the whole park anyway

    Sounds like everyone wins.. what's the problem?
  12. Yeah i was just looking for opinions, i guess its just a personal space thing in that its someone i dont know just taking liberties on the space ive "claimed"

    Its like asking would you mind if someone you dont know came and had a picnic in your front lawn. They arent in the way, and you arent using the space.
  13. Here's one reason why it is not safe for the bike.......if I can explain.

    You park the bike. Two cars either side come in to your park. Someone else does the same next to one of the cars.

    Now one of the cars in the bike space leave. Another car comes in, sees a 'space'. Is not a competent parker (there are many who cannot park). Misjudges & goodbye bike.
  14. yeah, parking spaces..... if i take a car space, i dont really mind someone parking over the line as long as they dont get too close, some bastard tried that in parramatta maccas carpark, hit my brothers bike, knocked it over and drove off... so people sharing spaces = bad sometimes