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parking in a loading zone

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GoTeam, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I'd like to know if anyone has knowledge about this. I parked in a loading zone at Monash Uni yesterday which is signed as "Loading Zone 30 minutes 9am-5pm Mon -Sun". I parked around 4:30. When I got back, I had an infringement ticket time-stamped at 4:32. $107!

    I rang up about it and was told that I don't have a commercial vehicle. I said that it doesn't say that on the sign and was told that it doesn't have to. Everywhere else I've been has had explicit signs so I've known what to do. Has anyone got any clues about successfully contesting this? I implicit signage doesn't stand up unless its a well-known everyday fact.
  2. Only contest available to you is which method of payment wins.

    The sign does not need to say motorcycles can't park here.

    The road rules/bylaws state that the only vehicles that can park in the loading zones are those that display the words "Courier" that are permanently attached to a vehicle. i.e not a magnetic sign whilst engaged in delivery or pick up duties.

    You are $107 poorer, sorry to say
  3. Yep, you're gone. Loading zones are for goods carrying vehicles only (which I've been told includes station wagons for any cagers out there!), definitely out for bikes. Suck it up!
  4. The rules for "Loading Zones" are stated in the licensing handbook which you should have studied when you got your road license. If you can't be bothered to learn the rules that are applicable to you, don't moan when you find out the hard way.

    Save yourself some money. Learn the basic road/traffic/signage rules.
  5. It is! Get the chq book out dude :(
  6. Why not just ride past the loading zone and onto the footpath? So long as your not blocking anyone its ok.
  7. I think most people don't realize its only commercial vehicles. I only know as I study the rules for loopholes :grin:
  8. I did some research (VicRoads road rules). I was issued with a ticket for being "stopped in a loading zone". The loading zone section of the road rules says:

    "Unless another limit is specified on the sign, a loading zone is only for goods carrying vehicles with a 'G' code included on their registration labels, signed delivery and courier vehicles, trucks while dropping off or picking up goods and public passenger vehicles or taxis that are dropping off or picking up passengers (30 minute limit or as shown on the sign)."

    Facts: I parked around 4:30 (4:35 by my watch), I have a ticket time stamped at 4:32 (their time), and I have a public passenger vehicle that picked up a passenger.

    Being stopped is not listed anywhere in the road rules for loading zones. However, it is with No Parking signs and one of them is not displayed.

    I think I have a basis for an argument.
  9. Fact: A public passenger vehicle is a vehicle that any member of the public can get on, like a bus. Do you give rides to members of the general public on your bike??

    Fact: You stopped in a spot you weren't legally allowed to.
  10. Whats your argument?? You stopped in a loading zone, it's not like you were there with your bike waiting to pick up a plethora of passengers at the time waiting or anything like that.

    Save your dispute for a ticket they might actually overturn. Keep writing in against tickets they'll never let you off.
  11. If a bus (or similar) is the definition of a public passenger vehicle then I don't have a chance. I'm looking for definitions according to the rules. Its not looking too good right now haha.

    Everyone is assuming I was on a motorbike. I wasn't.
  12. Interesting, my ute has a "G" code but doesnt have

    Whats the go?

    Furthermore, Im pretty sure tradies vans/utes can park in loading zones and they dont carry the above mentioned "courier" label.

    As for you GoTeam, sorry mate i dont think you've got much chance... as already mentioned your bike/car (you havent specified) is not "public".
  13. Yeah, the word "public" seems to have me a bit stuffed there. Now I know that its only commercial vehicles that can stop in loading zones. I guess I got a bit blase about it having seen others stop for a short time and having done it myself as well without getting busted.
  14. Amended by me.

    In plain english:

    Unless you are a commercial vehicle parking here on commercial business, you may not park here.
    If you are a commercial vehicle on commercial business, you have 1/2 an hour.
  15. When did you do this survey? Didnt ask me! :eek:
  16. 2 minutes? That sucks! I'd lodge a complaint. If an Arts student can't be out of a tute in under 1.45, the lecturer needs some serious performance management.
  17. For ACT you need to have a loading zone pass before you are able to park in a loading zone. no pass means no parking.
    I work for a telstra subsidiary and each rego myself and my colleagues rock upto a shopfront and get our free 10 minute loading zone pass (30 minute costs $$) although my record for sitting in a loading zone is 4 hours without a ticket..... gotta love the Telstra stickers...
  18. Hey i parked in a disabled bay and i got a ticket. Sure i'm not disabled, but how do i get out of this bloody fine.

    let me just say, bwhahahahahahahaha.




    my work here is done.

    no, seriously mate, suck it up. You have not been hard done by.
  19. Parking inspector 101, lay in wait for the very likely member of the public who will flout the parking restrictions at typical pick up / drop off times.

    Not shitcanning you, but IMO you're done. I hope you do find a loophole!