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Parking in a car spot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Is this legal? I would assume that in a metered spot, it may be illegal, or maybe only one bike can park in it and they have to pay the metered fee.

    But what about an unmetered spot?

    Reason I'm asking is I went to South Bank a few weeks back, and parked my bike in a car spot with another bike. Went and did what I needed to do, went back to the bike and saw that the other bike had gotten a ticket. I couldn't find a ticket on my bike, so I assume I didn't get ticketed, but the other bike did...

    And what about parking bikes in car spots that already have cars? I would assume this, too, is illegal? But this could be very subjective, because the bike could have been there first...

    If bikes aren't allowed to park in car spots, and in Qld bikes aren't allowed to park on the sidewalk, then where on earth are you meant to park if there isn't a bike parking area (like in South Bank, and about 95% of other places apart from the city...)?

  2. What the hell is a 'car spot' anyway? As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing. Any road user has the same right to use a parking space, be it a car a bike or a tricycle - as long as they fit into the space. They could fine you for not paying the meter, or parking the wrong way or going over the lines or something, but I don't think they can fine you for simply using a spot that is there to be used!
  3. Did you look to see what he was booked for?

    I take it this is South Bank in Brissie. If not sure, you could always call a council and ask their policy. Generally they will be the same between councils....
  4. Somewhere in here you will find a thread about bikes in car bays in Perth's CBD. Pavement parking is not permitted in WA, but it is actually illegal to park a bike in a car bay in some local council areas, even if you are the only one there, and have purchased a ticket. I was openly told that I was being ticketed because I was, "occupying a bay intended for more important vehicles"....go figure.
  5. incitatus: I did do a search on "bike parking" and other related words, couldn't really find what I was looking for. I did think that this had probably been brought up before...

    lil: no, didn't see what he was booked for. And yes, South Bank in Brisbane.
  6. Jeez that sucks inci.

    Me, I park in car spots sometimes, usually out of a spiteful sort of glee. Haven't been done for it yet.
  7. "more important".... Geez, some people.
  8. Ah yes, the wonderful Claremont council if i'm not mistaken incitatus.

    Parking laws are in the domain of the individual councils so each and every council around the city can and does have different laws. So you might be able to park in a "car bay" in one council but in the council nextdoor you cant. It is absolutely crazy, but thems the rules.

    I in fact sent a very polite letter to CLaremont council here in Perth seeking clarrification on their parking laws for motorbikes. I never got a response.
  9. I guess the other thing about parking in a car spot is that someone who's not looking is going to think 'woohoo, empty spot!' and run over your bike...
  10. In Sydney.

    Only one vehicle may occupy a parking bay.

    If two bikes are in one, it's up to the choice of the parking inspector to pick one to fine.
  11. I'm sort of guessing that is the case for South Bank here in Brisbane too... Seems extremely silly considering it's not a metered parking area! Really sorry if the other bike belongs to someone here, I really didn't know :(
  12. maybe?

    Could have been a warning ticket. I got one once for parking on the nature strip (because there was no where else at all to park). Luckily enough all I got was a warning.

    A decent parking officer?! WTF!
  13. I'm with loz -sometimes i do it for entertainment. if you park proud and not at the back of the spot you usually don't have a problem
  14. There was some media debate a few years ago when those really small cars started to appear and you could fit two of them into a single normal spot along the lines of one spot, one vehicle.

    About two years ago I parked my car with a 6x4 trailer attached in two parking spots in Southbank [Melb] (still amazed I found two spots in line) and purchased two tickets and left them on the dash. It must've worked as the Grey Ghosts booked other vehicles for over staying but didn't nail me for taking two spots BUT I did pay to use both of them....
  15. It's perfectly legal here in Victoria mate. :)
  16. Only 1 vehicle per marked parking spot - be it m/cycle, car, truck, van,etc - regardless of whether it's metered or not.

    You got lucky, and the other rider didn't.
    If the other rider is smart, he will contest the fine saying he was there first and thus was not illegal but you were .. it will be up to the council to prove otherwise.

    Yup, one vehicle per parkign spot.

    Motorcycle parking
    Motorbikes generally have the same parking options and regulations as cars but there are some distinct parking advantages in the Brisbane city centre.

    Off-street parking for motorcycles
    Some car parks offer discount rates for motor bikes simply because they take up less space. For example, Brisbane City Council car parks have a day rate of $4 for motorcycles, considerably cheaper than even the early-bird rate for cars. The Myer Centre car park's day rate is $5 for motorcycles.

    Free off-street parking is available for motorcycles at a few locations around the city:
    * QUT Gardens Point campus, under the Riverside Expressway.
    * North Quay off Ann St, under the Riverside Expressway.
    * Turbot St, between Edward St and Wickham Tce.
    These are unofficial locations so follow the lead of others in area but if you're unsure if a spot is legal, don't park there.

    Street parking for motorcycles
    Metered or Pay-and-Display metered parking spots, costing up to 60 cents per hour, are available at:
    * Elizabeth St, City between Edward and Creek Sts.
    * Turbot St, City between Edward and Wharf Sts.
    * Boundary St, West End near Russell St.

    Free street parking spots can also be found, at:
    * Charlotte St, City near Albert St.
    * Wickham Tce, between Edward and Albert Sts.
  17. I hesitate to post this, as I don't want to make my own parking all the more difficult ;) But there's a nice bit of dedicated bike parking @ Brisbane's Southbank. If you go in between QPAC and the Con, down the side of the stairs coming out of the Con is some (signed!) bike parking. Seems that not many people know about it.. certainly, whenever I've used it I've been the only one there.....
  18. Well I don't know about laws in WA, but I wonder about the legality of that. F****g local councils are growing far too big for their shoes and I think they need to be forcibly (ie, expensively) reminded road rules are above their little playpens and it is not up to them to make up some absurd local variations. I am fairly certain parking rules do not differentiate between vehicles on the basis of how many wheels they have - parking is parking, end of the story.
  19. Mouth: Thanks for that - I'll remember it for next time. Heaps of other people park more than one bike in a car spot though, and I'm almost certain if I intentionally found an empty car spot and parked the bike in it, other bikers would come and join in too... Oh well, a law is a law I guess, as silly as it might be.

    If the other rider was there too, and if I had known what I know now, I would have worn the fine for him/her. :(
  20. stupid question, in melbourne if you park at a car bay with a 2P for example... Do you still have to obey the 2P restriction?

    I still can't think of a reason why you have to park at the car bay where off street parking are free.