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VIC Parking for RMIT news

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Heli, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. The VMC along with the City of Melbourne and Damian C met with the RMIT this morning. Coincidentally the new cycling facility opened today and it certainly shows the power of the cycling lobby, just stunning what has been done for them! Apart from the indoor bike storage they have showers, changing rooms, hair driers and curling tongs (!) plus storage lockers; which begged the question, who can use the storage lockers?

    First come, first served and there are about 500+ lockers so if you're an RMIT student and want to store your motorbike helmet, etc: get in and use the facilities including the lockers.

    The other good news is that the car park over the road in Cardigan Street will have about 40 free motorbike parking spaces allocated in a few weeks, once the carpark changes hands and new markings are put in. The RMIT dropped the ball in publicising this but accept the failure and will have the improvement publicised soon.

    Also, Franklin Street is scheduled for closure to through traffic from 2017 so there could be a complete revamp of parking there. We'll push for motorcycle bays, obviously :D
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  2. Sounds good. As an RMIT student, I'm up around the north end of Swanston St at least twice a week.

    Not always on the bike though, I've got a tram stop right out the front of my apartment.
  3. The car park at Building 91 now has 53 (yes, fifty three!) motorcycle parking bays allocated. All undercover and free, this is about 50% more than was available before the pushbike facility removed all the motorcycle parking.

    The RMIT are to be congratulated on responding positively and constructively to this and accepting that motorcycles had been overlooked in the project.
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  4. When will it be available? I asked about it at the parking lot and the bloke there had no idea :wacky:
  5. Supposedly this week, but have you gone into the car park and checked for the bike parking areas? They should be painted soon, if not already done.
  6. Building 91 is now fully operational for motorcycle parking, and the other Good News is that 20+ motorcycle parking bays have been created at the two Bundoora campuses. Every one has a Kryptonite Stronghold security anchor so make sure that you have a strong security link/chain to make your bike safer when parked on campus.

    Thanks to RMIT Property Services, give them a call on 9925 2290 and say thank you; it's great to see proactive responses to our concerns (y)
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  7. The Bundoora East campus now has a secure caged area with parking for 18 motorcycles, each spot with a Kryptonite anchor point. Access is via an automatic door activated by an RMIT card; kudos to the RMIT for yet another motorcycle initiative following discussions with the VMC (y)

    Bundoora West is also scheduled for security upgrades. IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6623.JPG

    IMG_6618.JPG IMG_6619.JPG IMG_6620.JPG
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  8. HeliHeli
    One point. Those Kryptonite security anchors are not as effective as they could/should be if they are Dynabolted into the bitumen!
    Wouldn't take much leverage at all to pop it right out of the ground. Worth mentioning this to RMIT perhaps?
  9. What's the option?
  10. HeliHeli
    Same as they did with the fence posts. Make a 300-400-500mm deep hole with a posthole borer, fill to surface with concrete, after enough curing time drill holes in concrete and use Dynabolts or Chemset anchors. The bitumen (actually asphalt, the bitumen is the binder for the aggregrate) is too soft and will not give enough strength/rigidity for a Dynabolt to grip properly. Nor will a Chemset work in bitumen.
    I don't know of any mechanical anchor that will work with bitumen in this case. The stuff is just too soft, in fact it's not really a solid at all, just a fluid with a very high viscosity.
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  11. The solid roof and the anchor point issues have been referred back to the RMIT. Whether they'll be acted upon I can't say, but at least I wasn't laughed out of court!
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