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Parking fools

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chrome, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. A bit of a rant.

    Parked my bike this morning, at the end of the parking area, just on the right was another bike. Left a nice little gap so he could get on and off and when I stand my bike up it won't bang into his.

    Big gap on the left side then another few bikes.

    I go off, grab some coffee, come back and some idiot has parked his bike right in the midle of the big gap, leaving not quite enough room for a bike on either side.

    He could have parked just a foot either way and made plenty of room for one more bike.


    That is all.
  2. People are idiots.
    I get it alot where I park in brisbane with scooters parking right next to the bike, thankfully they are easy to get out of the way.
  3. Yeah, same deal at UQ where I park, you get people who leave a gap that is just too small to sensibly park on on both sides of their bike, rather than parking closer to one side of the big gap and leaving another decent parking spot beside them. Just thoughtlessness, though perhaps skills in backing the bike to exactly where you want it is also a factor.
  4. Ahh this one ticks me off so much. The one time I did muck it up (first time backing it in) I jumped back on and moved it over half a metre.

    Another problem in the CBD is cars that hog the motorbike parking on weekends. Shits me so much when I'm in a rush and theres about 6 falcons sitting in the motorbike parking because they're only reserved for bikes 8am-9pm mon-fri, and are obviously unmetered.

    Saw a champ on an R1 one morning leave his bike about 5cm from the front bumper of a corolla, so that when he left no other car would fit into the gap. Came back that afternoon to see about 4 bikes parked either side of it. Could use a few more blokes like him, on and off bikes.
  5. Good way to lose an R1 that. I assume he took down the corolla's rego before he left?
  6. I interpreted that as the corolla driver would be able to get out reasonably okay. But it would be much more difficult for anyone else to get in after the corolla is gone.
  7. sure enough, I go back to my bike and a scooter jammed itself between me and the fool, which left me no room to get on. Had to get on via the pillion pegs. Getting out was .. fun.
  8. Yeah, unless something smaller than a corolla rolled along, not much else wouldve fit in. Either way, massive stones for doing it with an R1. I wouldn't even put my hyo there.
  9. What's the etiquette with that sort of stuff? Walking past some of the parking on kent/york st etc I see handlebars hovering over the tank of the next bike. Are you allowed to like, roll their bike out of the way to get yours out or do you just kick it over or something?

  10. I've done the unthinkable twice and shifted another person's ride.

    First time was when I was a learner - a scooter taking up the space of 2 bikes - a quick shifty then I was in.

    I then read on here that touching another man's ride is a big no no, so I vowed never to do it again.

    But the other week some tool parked me in with their scooter. So I did another quick shifty. No regrets whatsoever - if someone can't park with enough consideration to not block anyone's exit, then my consideration not to touch their ride no longer applies.
  11. Rocked up to Sussex St near Moreton's for a park this morning, it was pretty packed. There was this one section that had two scooters and a Speed Triple (parked at an angle) parked in such a way as to take up 5-6 spaces.

    I stopped the bike, put the hazards on, shifted the two scooters over and parked my bike next to them, and took a photo of the speed triple:


    S---5, I can understand tat you don't want anyone scraping the black paint on your really nice bike, but by parking like that, you're really inconveniencing other riders. Not only that, but every pedestrian thats trying to cross the road from the stairs behind you, is walking up to your bike and considering pushing it over.

    As long as it is into that scooter on the right, I'd be fine with that :p

    So, hey, the rules are - don't touch another man's bike. Does that apply to scooters? Do they even count as a bike? :p
  12. Chrome, that Speed Triple is parked acceptably to me. Why? Because as you will have noticed the road isn't quite level, sloping up to the left. This means that the bike will stand a little bit more vertical if parked perpedicular to the gutter. Also, since the road is cambered (convex), and his rear tyre is correctly up against the gutter, his bike will stand even more vertical.

    In that situation my bike stands so vertical that it is in danger of tipping to the right, or being blown over to the right if it is windy. By parking at a slight angle uphill, the bike leans over a little more to the left, and is therefore more likely to stay safely on the side stand.

    I suspect the owner of the speed triple knew exactly what they were doing, and why.

    By the way, bad form to hide your number plate, but to show and quote his full number plate. You should have hidden the plate and quoted part of it, such as S-- -5. The owner would have known who they were.
  13. The road is flat, the camera is tilted.

    You have a point about the photo, will edit it.
  14. Is it? I was actually going by the vertical lines on the building opposite, which lean slightly to the left, meaning the road is actually even more sloped than the photo looks. But it could just be an artifact of the (phone?) camera.
  15. if it's a slope, its really, really slight. There are about 80 bikes parked here, and he's the only one parked at an angle. Either he's really smart, or he's being a twat.
  16. Or he can't back a bike up for love nor money, which is true of many people. Sometimes it is reallllyyyy painful to watch. I'm not the best at it myself. :oops: