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Parking fine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bragi0, May 24, 2006.

  1. :evil:

    I'm not in a very good mood now. I just copped a $75 fine. I saw the parking inspector doing the other side of the street, so I went to my bike (which admittedly was overtime by a fair bit) to move it. Helmet on, motor started and warming up.

    The bastard crossed the road and fined me while I was getting ready to move it. If I'd been in a car I would have been gone, and no problem, just another anonymous cage in the street, how would he know which one I was after a couple of laps?

    But because I'm on the bike I get pegged. Me being one of two motorbikes who park on the street (the other being a black spada), he's going to be able to get my plate at some stage. How would I be able to argue that he didn't see it as I moved off, or had already recorded it earlier in the day?

    It's bad enough that there's no official bike parking in the streets around here, and that I have to contend with people moving their cars and looking for parking spots instead of paying attention to the road while I have a warm engine. I'm not prepared to do that on the bike when the engine's cold and likely to stall or not rev. It's just not safe.
  2. can you not park on the footpath? or do you get canned for that too?
  3. let me be sure i have you correctly...
    The time had just run out on the park, and you were preparing to move the bike, IE puting on helmet and gloves?

    if so just send a polite Letter/e-mail to the council with the infringment number on it, identifying that you were praparing to move the vehicle, and that you were there before the time had expired (a minute or two shouldn't be an issue if you were already there)

    Most councils will withdraw it if you are polite and have a valid argument.
  4. Just a thought, dont know if it would work or not....

    you were sitting on the bike with the engine running right?
    If yes, then couldnt you claim that you were not actually parked but rather "standing".
  5. That is also a valid argument.
    But use only one argment and stick to it.
  6. +1 on that. Find a good valid argument and stick to it... get a consensus if you need to but if you keep changing they'll assume that you're fibbing.. Good luck.
  7. I think the 'standing' arguement is more valid..
  8. Found out they can't fine you if you drive/ride off.

    They have to place the fine on the vehicle.

    At least in NSW.
  9. Unfortunately I was a good way over the 2 hours for the spot.

    But as Kaer points out, if they can't fine you if you drive/ride off then it's encouraging unsafe behaviour, and that ticks me off.

    I'll cop the fine, it's only $75, but I'll be making a complaint about it.
  10. im beginning to like the motorcycle parking we have up here

    every spare square meter thats empty is taken up with bikes under bridges everywhere

    aparently one copper came thru a couple ogf years ago and fined all the bikes that were parked there but one of those bikes belonged to some hotshot lawyer

    consequently he took them to court and won now we all have free parking
  11. In vic you can park on the footpath, as long as you're on the footpath and not impeding pedestrian flow.
  12. Yes, but believe it or not, some people dont live in Vic.
  13. yep, australia is definatley more than victoria.
  14. The solution here is pretty obvious:

    Move to Vic!
  15. Really! :shock: And here I was thinking you were just putting made up, mythical place names in you profiles like Timbucktoo, Never-Nerver land or Adelaide. :-s
  16. We were recently in Melbourne and I was amazed at how many bike rider their were, free parking on the footpath is a great idea!

    Too bad it's not the case here in Adelaide! Maybe I should start a campaign?