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Parking fine, sydney - deparment of lands building

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by synrgy, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Well today I returned to my bike where i've parked it for the whole year to see a lovely ticket waiting for me....

    I know its illegal to park on the footpath but myself & about 30 other bikes have been parking around this building for the whole time ive been working near there (1 yr) and today was the first ticket, not sure why they havent booked us earlier.

    Does anyone else park there that is on these forums ? I started to see less bikes on the side i parked on today so im wondering if they are just trying to get rid of them on one side of that building.

    Below is a pic of where of the building, outlined in red is where all the bikes park...

  2. yeah the "but other people do that all the time" defense doesn't generally work.

    I'd just pay the fine and park elsewhere.

    Looking at the parking pdf, there is 20 spaces "Bridge St south side West of Phillip St", you might just have to get there a bit earlier.

    Sucks, I know.
  3. Ohh im going to pay the fine no question... The parking you are talking about becomes a clearway at 3pm & tow away if you're still parked there so its no good.

    WIll have to go down near circular quay
  4. this blows.

    I am going to ride down to Victoria for the boxing day test then park on the footpath in melbourne, then take lots of photos of my bike doing this. then when i go back to sydney I have something to dream about.
    here in sydney they will ping you for it.
  5. bad luck on the fine mate, pity our state government is all about how much money they can make from us, rather than how they can improve our standard of living!

    you might want to check out the web for free motorcycle parking in sydney CBD + North sydney, it's a recent scheme that had much success (Borat) so they have intorduced it now in Parramatta CBD

    on a side note, i read somewhere in the Telegraph (yesterday i think?) that Clover Moore is introducing registered parking spaces in the CBD to discourage people from driving to the city. might want to check that out as well
  6. Would this be the Land and Property Management Authority building at 1 Prince Albert Road? This really s@cks, I used to park there all the time to get Land Titles. I smell another revenue raiser for Sydney City, in time all of us will need to pay for parking - at cagers rate whilst taking up one fifth of the space.
  7. Once upon a time people used to park on clarence st under the overpass... then after about 3 years the council decided to book every bike there!

    You can park in hourly spots for free you know, as long as you dont stay over the allowable time
  8. I have been parking there for some time and received 2 parking fines in a matter of 5 days.
    The reason I have found out is a little strange but here goes. The Department Of Lands building owns the surrounding land all the way to the road curve.
    Because of this is classed as private land and the money grabbing vultures are not entitled to find you unless the owner of the building gives them permission to do so.
    So on days when the bikes are in great numbers and making the building look scrappy the owner call the Rangers and asks them to fine the lot. He continues to do this until the number of bikes is again very low.

    I instead found parking for $10 a day in the secure Parking building on the cornet of Bridge and Macquarie Street. $200 a month.
  9. people are getting lazy again and posting legal stuff in general discussion.
    For the next week threads will be getting locked until you guys understand that a legal scenario belongs in the legal threads with the appropriate state in the topic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.