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VIC Parking fine question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gregboy55, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Firslty just wanted to say i love this forum, its like candy land for people with bikes.

    Anyways today i took the gf's vespa to "chemist warehouse" in moorabbin and theres this big red brick area infront, perfect to park 2 wheels..

    so after im done in the chemist i get back to the scooter to see a a truck parked litteraly 5cm behind my scooter and im like bolocks and look up and see a permit zone sign (all brick area is a permit zone)

    So i turn around to see the driver come back to the truck and was fairly angry at me and straight away i apologised and told him i didnt see it and he wasnt impressed but continued delivering his things. so i drive off and that is that,

    My question is, is there a chance i could still get a ticket in the mail like if he took a photo or something. He wasnt a council worker or anything just a delivery driver .

    Any advise would be great cos i really dont have 200$ + to through away on a silly mistake.
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    Relax mate, not a chance.

    But you probably should seek professional help if this is the kind of thing that makes you worried.
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  3. So you ride a scooter and a Ducati and your first post isn't in the welcome lounge. Hope you've got your flame suit on.
  4. 1. Next time, park on the damn footpath like the rest of us do. This is Victoria ffs.
    2. Stop riding your gf's scooter.
    3. Go post in the welcome lounge so we can all have a go at you for riding your gf's scooter in the first place :D
    4. Welcome to NR. Enjoy.
  5. thanks guys i will