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Parking fine.. lost it though.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mikey213, May 2, 2012.

  1. either last year or the year before that.. i got a parking fine for $60 when out the back of my old work.. there used to be all day parking and then one day they changed it to 3hr parking..

    The other 2 chefs i were working with plus the owner of the restaurant and a waitress got one too..

    and after that i started parking on the footpath.

    I just remembered now.. cause my sister said she got a speeding ticket today.. and a parking ticket yesterday, and i remembered that i hadn't paid it.

    I've since lost the ticket.. and haven't been sent a letter for collection or.. been asked to pay it.. or any phone calls or anything.

    My question is.. do i still have to pay it and how do i go about paying it when i don't have the ticket anymore.. and haven't received any notices to pay it.
    or do i not bother?
  2. You'll find out when you try to pay your registration renewal. If Vicroads doesn't suspend your registration the fine may have been written off.
    (Councils pass on the outstanding penalty info to Vicroads).
  3. Do not bother. The statute of limitations on parking tickets is 2 years.

    The relevant law is subsection 5(5)a of the Limitation of Actions Act
  4. I would still confirm it with the relevant authorities that you dont have any unpaid fines. I think in nsw theres like some department of debt recovery or some crap. Could be quite troublesome when you decide to apply for loans in the future with any unpaid fines etc
  5. The fine i got was on my old bike.. which has been sold but as for the vicroads thing would it still affect me?

    ill ring the council tomorrow i guess... see what they say, its just surprising that i haven't received any letters about paying the fine, and after all this time and i forgot about it.. so.

    cheers guys.
  6. the only detail on the fine is your old bike's rego so either the new owner's copped it, or you've got off if he didn't pass any details on
  7. I had a parking fine on my car that I left and eventually forgot about paying.
    Last year when I decided to book for my L's bike test it said I couldn't as my license has been suspended.

    I called up and my license had been suspended for about one year and I didn't realise until I tried to book that test.
  8. I had a similar thing happen when I didn't vote in a council election, I had moved from Sydney back to Canberra but hadn't got around to changing my details on the electoral roll. Drove around on a suspended licence for a couple of months, and only found out when I went to change over from NSW licence to ACT licence. It was annoying because it had absolutely nothing to do with driving and if I had had an accident in that time I would have been in some serious trouble.
  9. How can it be legal to suspend a driving licence without commiting a driving offence?
  10. It's legal under the NSW Fines Act 1996
  11. i got a 200$ fine for parking in a no stopping zone, never paid it, lost the ticket, never heard anything from them.

    This was about a year ago.
  12. I got a parking fine, thought I'd play it like you see in American movies and chuck the notice away. Got a new notice, higher fine, chucked that too... Think it was the third or forth reminder, fine had trippled or so and the letter stated that if i didn't pay within a certain timeframe they'd take my car to recover the cost and I'd lose my license. Needless to say, i payed the huge fine and now pay parking fines when i get them.
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  13. Well i'm not in NSW.. so i don't see my license getting suspended..

    in regards to you varsis.. i lost the ticket.. not on purpose.. its been over a year.. and i haven't received any notices about it.. remembered the other day that i hadn't paid it.. and i want to know who to ring to find out how to pay said fine that i don't have anymore.

    just because i'm paranoid something bad will happen if i don't pay it.

    i'm about to ring the local council where i got it.. and see what they say but.. no one else has suggested anything else.
  14. I had to chase this up for my nephew who lives in Vic and lost a TIN the day it was due.
    He needed to ring Civic Compliance since they are the ones who deal with infringement notices. Not sure if they also deal with Parking Infringement Notices.
    Supposedly, they send a reminder notice out if you don't pay the initial fine and that includes an additional charge. After that they can issue an Enforcement Order. http://www.trafficlaw.com.au/infringements.court.html
    I'd check with them or call whoever issued the fine and see if they passed it on. You may be up for some additional charges.
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  15. I rang the council and they weren't very helpful.. and since its after 5 now.. ill try that crowd tomorrow.. i just find it odd that i haven't received any reminder notices or a phone call or anything.

    and now you guys are saying i could have my license suspended or my rego suspended.. ffffuuu

    thanks nssherlock
  16. Check the Act before getting too worried. In NSW the State Debt Recovery Office has to make an enforcement order before licence or rego can be suspended. There are requirements to be met: notably they must serve a 'penalty notice reminder notice' and the order must be made within the limitation period (typically 2 years). Then the order must be served on the person before the RTA can suspend the licence.

    I got a fine for failing to vote, ignored it, and after 2 years they can't do anything about it.
  17. Well i have some good news for myself.

    I rang the council again and spoke to another person.. and they looked it up for me.. and the fine got cancelled last year.

    So i don't have to pay it, and that would explain why i didn't get any notices to pay or any other information.

    and the ticket was from 2010... so it was too late anyway.

    The woman said its your lucky day haha.
  18. Glad it worked out