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Parking fine in Sydney CBD - just outside m/c bay. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dc, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I usually park in the m/c bay at the NE corner of Hyde Park, St Mary's st outside land registry office. [1]

    Sometimes I'm not that good at getting out of bed and up there before 8am so the bay is usually full. Seems to be 2-3 bikes parked outside of the bay most days so I thought I'd risk it and put mine next to them.
    Come back at end of day and the 5 bikes outside bay have tickets, including the guy that had his back wheel touching the pole so it's like 6 cm over the line.

    Any way at all I can get away without paying this?

    I mean I know the signs and the law and stuff but the 3m left of the bay are unused, don't block traffic, don't block mailboxes etc. and I just think it's kinda silly to get fined for being like 1m outside the box.

    Next time I think I'll try hiding the bike in the bushes somewhere in the domain...

    [1] 1 of 2 m/c bays in the entire NE corner of the CBD East of George St and North of William St. Awesome. 10 spots for 20+ city blocks of businesses... anyhoo.
  2. Send your payment to PO BOX 999 Hunter Region Mail Centre.
  3. What he said ^
  4. the whole parking thing is very sad, it brought in a "crime" that didn't exist before, parking. If they wanted money, they should have taxed more, not create new "crime".
    So the whole industry + rules + inspectors are just a manufactured nuisance.. No logic...

    At breakfast torque, the mcc was saying that they are trying to change the rules to allow one bike to be parked after the last parked car at a corner of a road. the 3 meter rules from the corner is for visibility and a bike is nothing comparing with a a 4x4.. This was on trial for a month in Crows Nest at some corners, but they stopped it..

    So pay up today and think about tomorrow or you will keep on crying for your money until you die.. One way to "think about tomorrow" is to spend a couple of minutes thinking about the election in a month. Vote for someone who might be more bike friendly.. Again mcc can help(it's more 4 NSW but still relevant to the federal elections)
  5. pay the fine

    learn lesson park outside the signs then expect a fine

    parking is controlled by the council and will fine anyone , anywhere , anytime
  6. Seems pretty unanimous then. Cop it and stop crying!

    Seems you don't get a discount for paying early either... used to be the case in the UK.

    The parking officer that ticketed my car for facing the wrong way (although otherwise legally parked) didn't seem to think it was a good idea for me to offer half the fine in cash if she were to take it and save the council some paperwork... we need more rangers on the take.
  7. Pfft, write back asking for leniency because your bike was only say.. 20cm over the line and thus you shouldn't be penalized.

    Not saying it will work, in fact theres a very slim chance. But a very slim chance + delaying it is always good :)
  8. It's pretty clear you don't agree with the law if it gets in the way of your convenience. So I reckon you need to get used to getting fines as you will have a lot more to come.

    "ticketed my car for facing the wrong way (although otherwise legally parked)" is like saying "ticketed me for being over the speed limit even though I wasn't driving under the influence"
  9. Nah, it's not that I don't agree if it's inconvenient - I disagree if it seems stupid... I admit I wasn't aware of the parking facing the wrong way thing since I just made a right out a side road and stick it into a spot just on the right - didn't have to do a 3 point turn to park or anything... just seemed rather silly - I know now though!

    What I just found annoying about the bike park thing was that 9 days out of 10 there are bikes outside the bay and they never get ticketed, the day I do it and I get a ticket. I guess I should be happy that 90% of the time people are getting off with it but it just seems a bit futile and petty for them to now and again ticket people - either it's wrong or it's not, not sometimes ok and sometimes not.

    Anyhoo - I'm writing to city traffic management again to specifically request and extension of or more parking bays in the NE end of the city, I'll even recommend a few spots (with shade/ cover!) to them.
  10. And if they were there every single hour of every single day, then everyone would cry about the revenue raising asshole councils who are booking everyone for even looking the wrong way in the direction of a parking spot. It is the same with the Police. They are fcuked if they do and just as fcuked if they don't.
  11. sydney city council doesnt have the highest parking fine revenue for a council in NSW for no reason you know. just pay it, and get it over and done with. the bike parked on the line as you described, if that were you you MIGHT have grounds to contest, but not where you were. was it a no stopping zone? ouch if so, not cheap.
    :LOL: :LOL: @super, im getting too many parking fines hence i will vote rudd :p brendan nelson is about as bike friendly as you will get in federal parliment mate.
  12. That one I'd be fighting... well unless there were signs specifying a direction of parking (like there are in some NSW towns where the only permitted direction is boot to curb).

    If there isn't a sign specifying the direction then either should be legal (which is why the councils in those boot to curb towns have to enforce that with a sign).

    It isn't like the 'default' direction is required in the parking regulations.

    Nb... This all assumes angle parking not parallel parking (which is a different situation, and if you are talking about parallel parking you're stuffed) :)
  13. Go read the road rules. How exactly do you expect to legally get into a park the wrong way round? To do so you have to have driven the wrong way down the street to do that - hence why parallel parking opposite to the direction of traffic is illegal.
  14. Can I just say - how sorry I am for you poor riders in NSW :eek:

    You know something - why doesn't someone up there put in some effort, like we did down here in Vic in 1987 and get footpath parking introduced?

    My first sugestion is - organize a parking protest by filling up all the car parking bays in the CBD one morning. There must be thousands of bikes going to the Sydney CBD every day that could be involved.

    Or - don't you take any advice from us here "south of the border".......

    FFS you guys - why do you put up with this crap? We here in Vic can park on the footpath and our pollies actually support the concept - with vigour.

    Time to get your act together :grin: :roll:

    Here is a pic of the protest that the MRA held in Vic to convince the govt to legalize footpath parking in 1987:

  15. We are talking about the Iemma mafia here. It is all good and well to try but if even the driving community can't get anything done about the rampant tolls, charges and fees that this state government wantonly rorts, how the hell is a minority group such as riders expected to make any headway. This government is a self-serving pack of ****s that totally disregard the desires of the people of the state.
  16. I reckon if anything, in NSW it would only get city of Sydney council to do something about the problem, and that's still a big maybe. The inner city footpaths are just too small and too congested most times to fit bikes there without blocking the way of people.
  17. Well, I've just got to say - THIS is the MOST Gutless excuse.......

    What goes with you sods in NSW????? Yep - just couldn't get your act together on anything. All I hear on Netrider from you guys is whinge, whinge, whinge...... But no action :p :p :p

    Come south of the border where we have a Labor Govt that actually loves us :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Forgive my encouragement that you should DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT to make your live like ours :LOL: :p
  18. John. if Gegvasco were more right wing he'd be a star recruit for the Hitler youth.
  19. Yeah, I know - but its good fun to have a little bit of a laugh at our brother's north of the border :grin: :LOL: :LOL:

    On the flip side - we are fortunate to have wide footpaths in Melb - which is a problem in Sydney I gather.....
  20. And your labour govt that loves you so much has the best policy for dealing with speeding motorists.....Install cameras and fine everyone for doing 3km/h over the limit.

    They do love you!