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VIC Parking fine from RMIT

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by acasta, May 9, 2012.

  1. I'm wondering how serious it is if I get a fine from RMIT.

    I rode into the city for the first time yesterday and parked my bike on Bowen st like I had seen plenty of people do before. When I came back to my bike there was a fine on there. I couldn't even see a sign. So i moved the bike off the campus to the foot path of la trobe st, that when I noticed 2 signs, one 50m and one 96m from where I was parked.

    Any ideas on getting out of it? I'm going to have a quick walk around looking for more signs and then write a letter. I just paid for all my transfer fees ect so I'm sick of paying for shit.

  2. Most universities now operate their parking fines through the official system, just like if you got a parking fine on the street. There are acting as agents, with their staff policing the unis internal roads and parking areas with the fines going from the usual parking fine channels. The revenue is then split.

    Edit: Not sure if they use this system - the fine will probably have details on it to indicate whether it is, or if it's a uni system. You could speak to RMIT Security.
  3. looking at google maps, think you're stuffed. sign at the entrance. were you on the footpath? no stopping signs might only apply to the roadway?
  4. As an ex rmit security officer I can tell you now your stuffed.

    Pay the fine and move on. If you don't pay I'm not sure if they will tke you to court or not as when I left they were talking about getting ten ex I to handle all fines
  5. Agree. The footpath in there at least (and probably the road) would be owned by RMIT. Only allowed to park on publicly owned footpaths. The signage is clearly visible at the entrance.
    As for RMIT following it up, don't know, I'd be surprised if they aren't party to the official collection system.
  6. Last I knew rmit forwarded all fines to the Melbourne city council.
  7. They've just recently enforced this, probably about a month or so ago, had a notice stuck on my bike as a "first and last warning". Asked a security guard what it was about, told there were new/more signs stating no motorcycles on Bowen street, and that the fines were proper ones. I now just park on Swanston street and access the building 10/12 elevators from level 3.
  8. For years bikes have parked against the wall of the old building and in other areas. I noticed they added a couple of signs recently and now instead of being pretty much out of the way, all the bikes are parked along Franklin St making it even harder to walk along when there are full classes worth of people traveling along there.

    Thankfully I am on Cardigan St, so no skin off my nose, but I have no idea of the rationale behind this (although the signs saying 'emergency gathering area' have been there for a while now, so maybe that's it).
  9. If it's like the new Melbourne Uni system from a few years ago you're stuffed! I tried to contest it (after all I was parked on a footpath with no negative signs, so how can they claim they are simply enforcing Victorian parking rules?) but the second that security issue the ticket they - at Melbourne - washed their hands of any administrative responsibility or power, and the phone number they gave me took me to an answering machine for some bureaucracy which clearly had no interested in being contacted despite giving printed lip-service to having a pathway for contestation. As my fine increased I gave up! (As they wanted me to do, no doubt. They efficiently got back to me when I left a message that I was prepared to pay the original fine if they could get back to me to confirm that, but nothing otherwise as a bluff.)
  10. I spoke with security about this. She said the ban motorbikes parking on bowen lane was to prevent an accident occuring.........
    You can try saying that you have always parked there before and that you were not aware of the new rule.

    Any way it's pretty shitty, I lost my sweet little undercoverd parking just where casey plaza theater used to be.
  11. I call BS...

    I worked at RMIT security for 10 years (I left 2 1/2 years ago) and never once did we have any kind of accident that involved a motorbike..

    We did have people who parked there bikes at the bottom of disabled ramps or right next to building entrances and they were the only buggas that got booked...Everyone else got the little dont park here or we will book you paper..

    The only reason why you have been booked now is upper managment have always been pissed about the motorbikes in Bowen street and since the security department is ran by yes men ...well you know the rest!
  12. PS: and for the record I always parked my bike out in franklin st next to the curnb on the city baths side of the street
  13. Thanks for the replies guys.
    I understand it may be futile but I am going to write a letter requesting some leniency on the issue. I will also grab some pictures at uni tomorrow of where I was and how far the signs were.

    Does anyone have experience with this sort of letter writting? I'd be interested to here from the few who have worked for security and could possibly give me some advice or experience.

  14. look in the stickies of this forum as there are form letters you can look at
  16. It does not matter where you were parked as you were parked in between 2 no stopping signs.

    1 sign is on the side of building 14 & 9 and the other is on building 2.

    IIRC Bowen st is no longer a gazetted public road for the purpose of traffic.
  17. OK, so RMIT appears to be motorcycle unfriendly. I'll bear that in mind as I provide advice to students here at my College when they ask my advice as to which uni they should consider for their future studies. Tit for tat, and I raise my hat
  18. If it helps.. i received a fine from RMIT bundoora campus for parking my car in a reserved lot. Car park was full, and i was late for class. paid for season parking and there were not enough lots??

    anyway a mate of mine received a similar fine a few months ago and told me not to pay it. Apparently it was a private car park/land so they can't trace the owner through the rego plate.

    i didn't and though i sold that car, it's been almost 3 years if i remember.. and no follow ups since. Still have that infringement notice with me. :)
  19. I never bought a parking pass and used to park my car always. Never got dicked though. Kinda helped that me and the security guys got along well :)
  20. even more the reason to contest it
    if a no parking sign place on a building doesnt pertain to the footpath or the road especially if the buildings are on private property.
    and if they have gazetted it , that doesnt override road law ( from memory ).
    i would contest it regardless .