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NSW Parking fine - Cash grab

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by korbail, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. How's the form of Ryde council. Parked on the street, swiped the credit card, payment taken and no ticket. Got a fine and lodged a review and supplied the statement with proof of payment. The machine has been faulty all week and others also parked with no ticket because it didn't print. Ryde council said pay the fine even after acknowledging proof of payment on my bank statement that I supplied all because a ranger tested the machine and said it works.

    Guess what, the next day and the next day, no ticket.

    Now it's off to court for a $98 fine. At least a day of work to ride :)
  2. That sucks. Care to share the street it occurred at?
  3. yeah sure, Waterloo Rd Macquarie Park.
  4. Thanks. If nothing comes of it, perhaps writing to the local paper (Northern District Times) might help that along. I'm sure they might like something to write about.
  5. cool tah, I'll send it now
  6. Korbail - that was in a car i'm guessing? Why don't you use the bike? I commute there daily on the bike with no parking issues.
    When i've driven park down on the bottom of Khartoum for free - or if you want closer, J&J has a massive visitor's car park i scammed for nearly 6 weeks when my shoulder was damaged ;)
  7. It's been my personal experience that councils won't revoke parking fines until and unless you contest them in court. I've heard several opinions that this is because they expect a large number of people to pay the fine rather than face the inconvenience of a court appearance.

    In addition in Victoria at least they are heard in Perrin court and even if you can prove the fine was wrongly applied (which I have) you can't claim costs against the council because the Perrin court can't grant costs.

    Never the less... don't let the bastards get away with it!
  8. It's the principal so if I need to I'll pay a lawyer ;)

    Thanks for that. I used to park on Khartoum Rd but paid. I'll check it again. I drive because the the misses works near here so it's cheaper than public transport. I'll look for J&J too
  9. There has been no Perin Court in Victoria since mid 2006 when it changed to the Infringement Court.

    The purpose of the Infringement Court is to make court orders to enforce the payment of fines. It is not a court which hears disputes over infringement notices. Disputes of fines are dealt with by objecting to the fine and having the case referred to the Magistrates Court or by seeking revocation of an enforcement order.

    It is not a court in the traditional sense, but rather an administrative division of the Department of Justice. It doesn't make judicial decisions nor have Magistrates, hearings, witnesses, defendants &/or prosecutors etc.

  10. True but I never said when the bastards tried to fine me for something I didn't do!

    It was before 2006 but that doesn't mean I've forgotten OR forgiven.