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N/A | National Parking & filtering regulations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by HotelWhisky, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I'm a fairly new rider, in the ACT, and thought it might be useful to have a compilation of the parking filtering and lane splitting laws in the various states that riders could refer to before travelling interstate. The prompt for me posting this is being Canberra in early January we are tolerating Summernats, and I had a fellow rider approach me yesterday as he saw me with my helmet to ask me about the parking laws here. He was Victorian, and all he knew was that up here he wasn't allowed to park on the pavement.

    Being a new rider I wasn't 100% sure and couldnt really tell him with confidence. I then realised I would be equally confused if/when I traveled interstate.

    So can we (with minimal arguing about how fair/unfair they are) list the respective parking/filtering/lane splitting laws that apply in your territory?

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  2. As far as I know lane filtering at low speed is now legal in NSW, parking on the footpath is not...
  3. Not a bad idea at all. We can compile it into an easy to read table. Also can add L and P restriction, rego label, helmet laws and anything else that varies state to state. It would make a good resource.
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  4. You really need to define filtering if you are going to give advice like this.

    Considering that the OP is a new rider he probably is on a restricted licence and would not be legal.
    How are you going to do that when the definition of filtering is different in NSW and QLD for example.

    This is not something you should just rely on a internet thread, you should research the current applicable laws before riding on their roads if you want to be safe.
  5. Have you ever made a useful contribution to any thread on Netrider?????
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  6. If you had time and inclination, it would be invaluable to everyone and not only the new riders. Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate your effort!
  7. When I was living in Canberra I asked a parking officer about parking on the footpath and he told me that most parking officer were wanting to get the law changed, so that it would be possible where there was enough space and didn't inconvenience pedestrians, but that the Legislative Assembly so far wouldn't allow it. That was 2013, so I don't know if they've changed their minds yet.
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    Alright so to get started answer the following for your state. Suggest questions if they need to be asked.
    . . . . . . . . . . NSW
    Filtering. yes
    -limit. 30kmh
    -on kerb. no
    -emergency lane. No
    -l and p. no
    -school zones. No
    - AS only . yes
    - cameras . tolerated
    - tinted visors. tolerated
    - footpath. No
    - payment required for meters. sometimes
    -sign posted cameras. yes
    -covert cameras. no
    -point to point. yes
    - mobile. yes
    -Speed x traffic light combined. yes
    -rego stickers. no
    -drug detection. yes
    L and P restrictions
    -BAC. 0.00
    -L speed. (i can't remember these can a plater fill in these for me and add the detailed questions)
    -P1 speed.
    -P2 speed.
    -Pillion. No
  9. My post above was useful, giving incorrect information to noob isn't.
  10. Thats alright. We have you to correct us if we get anything wrong.
  11. You missed no filtering in school zones in NSW.

    As these laws change all the time and information is only valid for today
  12. Thank you. A useful post.

    I will put an update date on the table. If it changes it can be updated. People will know to be wary of its 3 years old with no update.
  13. In your face hornethornet, I knew I had one in me.
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  14. No filtering on unbroken lines in NSW
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    If that is the case then the police have some issues enforcing them maybe. Having official government sites conflicting each other. That wouldn't be good.

    Link to the legislation is at bottom of page. Care to outline how they differ so we can all be more informed?
  18. Link detailing changes to the filtering, helmet and other rules coming into effect on 1st Feb 2015 in Queensland. Please cut and paste link as I can't post URL's yet.

  19. 2 year filtering trial starts in the ACT on the 1st of February, details here

  20. Ok kids fill in for your state please and correct me if I am wrong.
    riding rules.

    -On kerb
    -In emergency lane
    -L and P Platers Allowed
    -School zones
    -On unbroken lines
    -On footpath
    -Payment required for meters
    -Sign posted cameras
    -Covert cameras
    -Point to Point
    -Speed X Traffic light Cameras
    -Rego stickers
    -Random drug detection
    -ECE 22.05
    -Helemet camaras
    -Tinted visor
    L and P plate restrictions
    -L speed Limit
    -P1 speed limit
    -P2 speed limit
    -Pillion restrictions
    LAMS restrictions
    -listed bikes only
    -engine capacity limit
    -Power to weight ratio
    -Beer comes in
    -Pool rules

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