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Parking Fail

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MadAzz300, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. So, you can't park 2 bikes in one space, but I guess a car and a bike is ok?


    Gap wasnt enough to put my bike upright - the driver came back and said "Sorry darlin', I didnt box you in did I?" :-s

    Anyone else have parking dramas?
  2. Yet another situation easily solved with the careful application of a 12 guage.

    Having said that, just like owning your lane, you should also own your parking spot
  3. I can't see if there are parking bays designated, and if there are then Viscera's point is most relevant. Otherwise, I don't see the big deal - parking's a hassle, and provided we don't block each other in then we all just have to squeeze in as we can.
  4. That wouldn't really tick me off that much... you can always just walk the bike out backwards. If I use a car parking spot... then I tend to park over to one side so another bike can come in easily and share the spot.

    I got parked in very bad at uni once though... took 30 minutes of lifting the bike up from the back, and rotating it around to get out. This ticked me off.
  5. After "accidentally" leaning it against the car door half a dozen times :demon:
  6. nice madarse
  7. I pays me dues I takes me parks, all of it, no room left for wankers.
  8. He doesn't need that mirror now does he?
  9. Did you pay extra for that numberplate or was it just luck of the draw ?
  10. Luck of the draw mate :rofl:
  11. yeah so ong as they dont block me or strastch my bike/their car.......then im good. I dont ind people better utilising parking space.......
  12. Nothing wrong with that....BTW whens Mounty Starbucks again?
  13. I'm sure some people would be absolutely spewin' in a car parked that close to thier bike (specially the cruiserman or the guy that owns the "Repsol" Fireblade lol...) I'm sure if i had a "real" bike, the guy wouldn't have parked there.. but meh..

    When are you planning a Starbucks meet again? You've been AWOL in Livo/Parra the last couple weeks [-(