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Parking FAIL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rjbsmith, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Our office moved a couple of weeks ago from Darlinghurst to Pyrmont (near the Novotel etc) so I've taken to parking in the motorcycle bays on Murray St. These fill up quickly so I get in around 8 so I can park near the office.

    This morning I pull in and park to the right of a colleague's GSXR750, putting the Burgman on the side stand and allowing enough room for him to stand his bike up and leave.

    I walk out of the office around 5:15 and head back to my bike. The GSXR's gone, replaced by a small scooter who left space for me to get on. However, some cnut has parked an orange GS500 on its side stand, millimetres from the side of my bike :evil: His clutch lever's actually behind my fairing in the footwell, the left peg is perilously close to my exhaust and he's actually folded in his left mirror so that it doesn't touch my bike. Basically it's impossible for me to stand my bike up in the position that it's in without knocking his bike over.

    After a few choice words and writing a note for this d1ckhead, I try to figure out how I'm going to get my bike out. In the end I have to lift the front of the Burgman up and drag it to the left. In the meantime another guy walks by and offers to hold the GS500 up straight so that I can pull out.

    I just couldn't believe that someone would actually park like that without thinking about the person next to them, and hopefully next time he'll will decide to park far, far away - otherwise I might decide to do something more :evil:
  2. you do realise it works both ways... he might just remember ur scoot and do somethign back. and what i wana know is how he got off his bike
  3. Yeah if I wasn't so worried about malicious damages charges etc I might have considered it, but seriously someone who parks right up against another bike is asking for trouble in some form.

    I'm also quite curious about how he managed to get in there, get off and put his bike on its side stand - the only thing I can think of atm is that he climbed through my bike :shock: When I got back to my bike there was a heap of space to his right so I'm not quite sure how much space he had on his right to get off...
  4. Leaving more than a note?
  5. Nah... just the note, no scratches
  6. same thing happened to me at uni awhile ago. except some dousche on a scooter parked it right up againet my right side. I nearlli didn't have enough room to lift my bike upright of the stand to get it out.
  7. I walk pass the cluster of bikes/scooters parked under the Cahill overpass on Clarence St. during lunchtime, and I always wonder how the bikes in the back can manage to get out.

    Luckily for me, I park in the office's underground parking. :p

    But generally, this practice happens more often then not in city m/c parking bays.
  8. Aah... to only have to worry about the height of the gutters you have to ride over... :cool:

    You only have to gain a few demerit points a year to get that privilege... :evil:
  9. I park to the left of a bike where possible. This way I know my bike can always go vertical (assuming the bike on the right doesn't leave before I do). Plus, I park the bike on the centerstand...

    Is it proper etiquette to use the center stand, where bikes are generally parked on their side stand?

    Being on the centre stand, I actually take less space, but it also gives the illusion that the gap between my bike and the bike on the left is bigger than it actually is, ie I've come back and found my bike physically lifted to the left. On another instance, someone wedged their scooter halfway in...

    Generally people are considerate, but I'm wondering if I'm contributing to the problem...

  10. Simple.

    He pulls up in front of the parking area, maybe with the rear of the bike facing the parking spot, maybe parallel to road.
    He gets off the bike, putting it on the side stand, then walks around to the front of the bike.
    He grabs the handlebars while straddling the front wheel, lifts the bike up off the side stand, then walks it backward into the parking spot, steering it as needed.
    He lowers the bike back onto the side stand and walks away.

    I've seen it done many times. It looks scary, but it is not so hard. Sometimes you still need to use the front brake to control the bike.

    By the way, when you are parked in like that, the "no-one touches my bike" rule does not apply. Just move his bike out of the way, get yours out, and if necessary move his back into its spot. Or just leave it out in the roadway. Your choice. Of course if he has put a disc lock on it, you will need to lay his bike down on its side to get yours out. :twisted: I understand if you then can't pick it up again, but he may not.

    But be sure it was that bike which parked you in, and not someone else moving that bike, or yours, which caused the problem.
  11. If I'm parking on my own or it's clearly a one bike per bay arrangement then I'll park on the centre stand. If not then I usually find that my bike sticks out further than the others if I park straight which always seems to make me a little nervous...
  12. he probably got off his bike on the right side :LOL: i do it from time to time :wink: