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Parking ettiquette

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. So today someone thought it'd be a brilliant idea to park their scooter in the motorcycle parking. I'm not going to take a dig at how scooters aren't motorcycles just yet, but man was this person a complete ****ing twat. The 'motorcycle parking' was only a single car spot, so you had to be creative with angling your bike in to not take up all the space. You could fit about 7 or 8 bikes in easy though, and still leave them all enough space to get out.

    After having read a few posts (maybe even a thread) on here about moving other peoples bikes it was clear that touching someone else's pride and joy is a huge nono. I'd been in the position where I'd double parked a single bike in. I was in a rush and there was nowhere else to leave it, so I spent 5 minutes writing on a piece of paper my apologies, explaining that there was enough room for my bike but it came at the expense of blocking in his, and that should he have any problems moving mine he should give me a call and I'll come move it myself, and that if he wasn't up for waiting a couple of minutes I'd left my bars unlocked just so he could get it out of the way. I came back that afternoon to my bike placed neatly where the other bike I'd blocked in was initially, with "cheers mate" scrawled at the bottom of my note. Today I was the other bike. I can only wish that it were possible for me to double park myself.

    I'd got in (kind of) early, and squeezed into the last spot, and made sure I'd left enough room either side of my bike so the ones next to me could be stood up. Off to hand in an assignment and grab lunch. I return two hours later to this.

    To fill in the picture, theres a car on the left of the frame, adjacent to the blue scooter, and that pole is positioned almost halfway between the tree and the camry in that garden bed. I was trapped. Out of courtesy to the owner, having never taken a bike off a centre stand, and sharply recalling the one girl riding a scooter at the prelearners course dropping hers numerous times while trying to get it down, I did attempt to ride over the kerb. But I couldn't angle my bike so it was perpendicular because parking was already tight as it was, and turns out mulch isn't the greatest surface to ride a bike on. Scratch that, I'll just roll the scooter out then in. No I won't, because the tool left the steering locked. Incredibly pissed off at this point, with maybe 10 minutes gone since I'd stumbled across the scene I figured **** it, and called a mate who helped me pick up the scooter and leave it in the middle of the road.

    So if you own a baby blue scooter, and returned to find it not where you left it and didn't find the note I left informative enough (3 very carefully chosen words), here is my explanation, you utter moron. I hope security had it towed from where we left it. In all 5 bikes were blocked off by your scooter, and before I'd managed to get my helmet off and head into uni, I watched 3 separate riders look at that gap and then decide NOT to park there. Around 15 minutes wasted all in all, which sounds like nothing but would've been so much more if I didn't have someone offhand to help me move it.

    And finally, if you're so precious that you need to leave your bike/scooter locked in place, don't ****ing block someone else in.

  2. LOL

    What a tosser (the scooter rider)...
  3. Hahahahaha that had me in tears. Well played sir.
  4. hahahahah thats gold! Scooter deserved it.
    What did you leave on the note?
  5. haha i'd do ( and have done - not left it on the road though ... ) the same.
  6. 3 words? I want to know what your note said as well...
    What if they couldn't figure out why their scooter was moved?

    ETA: Good for you for bothering to leave a note the last time you boxed someone in...I'd be grateful for something like that as well.
  7. Verrrrrrrrrry long story short there's a scooter in my work carpark that's doing the same thing. I've spoken to him nicely and explained it all and he still doesn't get it. I've relocated his scooter and he still doesn't get it. I've cable-tied his levers back to the bars so he has to go back to his desk to fetch scissors so he ca ride home, and he still continues to park like that.

    So my next action; I'm going to attach my old disc-lock I don't use any more for a few days, might even leave the springy reminder orange thing on there too. :twisted: Suck on that you inconsiderate c%^&!!!
  8. Surely you can figure this one out on your own. ;)
  9. **** *** ****?
  10. I would have moved it then reported it to security... other alternative a cheap combination bike lock like the 2 dollar store variety with the 4 number combination and lock their front wheel.
  11. i would have strung it from a tree, or placed it in a dumbster bin.
    scooters using designated motorcycle parking, outrageous.
  12. nsfw pic. Incidentally I have left more eloquent notes, but I was finding it difficult this time round because of the stroke I'd just suffered.

    Also, I saw where they'd parked today, very last spot outside the ASB, closest to the chem building (at UNSW). Wasn't all the way in to the kerb (not enough room) which means they got in after the KTM it was parked next to do. Both parked in forwards, with the scooter about 2cm from the right hand side of the KTM - poor bloke would've had a real job getting it off the stand, which he did, because my friend managed to fit his ninja in there a little later.

    I swear if that scooter's parked inconsiderately one more time I'll take it upon myself to hide it on the top floor of a random building.

    Security watched me and my mate carry it there, they probably assumed it was one of ours. I dare say they quickly realised their mistake when we both rode off into the sunset.
  13. Surely there would have been a suitable garden nearby to plant it in!! (preferably a rose garden..)
  14. I hate to say this...but in the majority of cases I've heard about, where this kind of thing occurs, a scooter seems to be the problem.
    I think it stems from a more general "I'm ok screw everyone else" kinda mentality which is creeping or has already crept into society from this latest generation.

    Question...could you not just have taken it off the centre stand with the steering lock on, and rolled it back theough it's arc...got bike out then rolled it back through the same arc and up onto the centre stand again.?
    Maybe the steering lock was the wrong way to do that?


    PS...next time...leave him a note saying..."lucky you did'nt block John in like that!" :-/
  15. Steering was locked to the left so it would've gone straight into the car's bumper. Also meant the weight would've fallen to the right when I moved it off and I'd feel a right d!ck if I dropped it on someone else's bike.

    And to whoever said I should've left it in a garden bed, we entertained that thought for about 6 seconds before we decided we didn't want to damage the scooter (even if it was when they were trying to ride it out of mulch and dropped it). That and we couldn't be f'd.
  16. I parked at UNSW today to pick up some textbooks. I was there for all of 3 mins.. came back to a scooter with it's handle bars an inch off my tank and the wheel lock on. I wasn't able to get onto my bike and had to wheel it out of the spot. I swear, had i dropped my bike i would have dropped that friggen scooter via a swift boot to the side.
  17. same scooter?
  18. Any money it was the same one, next to the ASB at around 12pm? If you're ever bored at uni we'll go hide it somewhere...
  19. Nah, it was a black number with suede coloured seating leather.

    I'm a correspondence student through Monash so I'm only ever at UNSW when I need textbooks. Though, i do live down the road and ride past it on the way to Broadway most days. If i ever see anything like this i'll assist the poor sod who needs help.
  20. I have had similar problems with scooter riders in the city. Parking in spots wide enough for 2 bikes OR parking right up to the left edge of a bike so you can't get on.

    I agree Raven that it is scooter riders however the people I have seen doing this stuff don't tend to be "young," in fact they are usually (DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be sexist) 30 something females.

    I gave one a talking to the other day as she parked in the middle of 2 spots and this poor guy who was waiting just got ignored and she tried to leave it that way.... :S