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parking etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    On several occasions I've chosen my car over my bike because I've not been sure of parking etiquette for either parking on the side of the road (not in designated bike spots) or, even moreso, paid carparks (e.g. u-park, wilson etc).

    If I park my bike in a car spot on the road, where a car would normally have to buy a ticket, do I need to buy a ticket and find some place to put it on my bike? Or am I not allowed to park where cars park at all in ticket spots?

    If I can't be bothered finding a spot on the side of the road, or I like the security of a paid parking complex, do people actually pay when they take a bike in? I rarely see bikes in there, and I hear rumour that some people just ride out without paying, but the concept scares me just a little - I don't much like breaking laws n stuff ;) Also, I'm guessing from what I've seen, you park your bike in a corner somewhere and hope it doesn't get hit by some numbskull trying to fit a car where a car don't fit?

    Comments very much appreciated :) There's some things that books and stuff just don't teach you *grin*

  2. I rode over to Adelaide early last year and was visiting my sister who works in Rundel Mall.... I parked just at the entrance to the mall on one of the side streets.
    I was gone five minutes and when I returned I found the bastard ticket inspectors giving me a $50 fine!! When I pleaded with them to give me a fair go and that I didn't mean to do the wrong thing, they just said to me, "you're lucky, if you parked another two metres further in, the fine would be $100."

    I haven't been back to Adelaide since!
  3. *groan* that's exactly what I didn't want to hear.

    So where does one park on a bike? More often than not, the bike spots are full, most other spots are ticket parking, but its not like we have a dashboard to put the ticket on :)
  4. If im riding to the city then i will try to find a footpath to park on. Obviously it has to be outta the way of pedestrians so you gotta park off of the walkway area but legally youre allowed to do that. If i have to park in a carpark then i generally pay and take up a whole car space.

    Had to go to tullumarine airport the other day and the designated bike parking space is miles from the terminal so i figure if im paying the same as cars then screw it, im taking a good space near the entrance. I make sure im parked right in the middle of the space and back far enough that cagers can see the back of the bike before they try to pull in to the space.
  5. Ummm, Bambam_101, in Vic we can legally park on footpaths etc - in other states you can't.
  6. Well wacko!

    You learn something new everyday. :grin:
  7. I was actually thinking about parking issues today before seeing this post..

    Could anyone from nsw give some general info and advice about parking stuff?

    Like whats the deal with parking at pay parking, eg. a mall. They have some designated spots at my local mall for bikes but they are basically on the path where you put push bikes, and I don't think its even officially designated. If I'm not taking up the spot of a car, why should I have to pay? And do I have to pay? If so what do I do about the toll booth lol.

    Also, cars have council areas like pittwater, warringah, etc. but bikes don't have these? Or at least mine doesn't, does anyone? So if we don't have council stickers whats the go with parking in spots that have say an hour time limit but unlimited for 'authorized local residents'? Would I be fined for parking there? Ie. is it expected we have council stickers on bikes?

    Also on misc subject, whats the go in bikes and bus lanes, is there an exception for us? Same for t3 lanes.

    Anyone know about parking regulations about parking on footpaths and the like in nsw?

  8. As far as I know, bike parking is free at Tulla. Yes? No?
  9. I park where ever the hell i want to. If i have to pay the same as for my bike as i do a car then fu#k it.
  10. you're in Adelaide??
    OK - thw Wilson Parking that is the David Jones (old John Martins car park) offers bike parking for only $2.50 a day.

    you simply ride in through the middle gate (the others won't pick up lighter bikes), ride up & park in any gap you find as long as it isn't a designated car park. I park on the 3rd floor next to the ticket machine.

    When you leave, DON'T PAY AT THE MACHINE. Ride to the bottom, pull over so you're out the way, go to the window & pay the person there your $2.50. then you can head out!

    I park there so often I now have a permenant card that I just top up.

    I find $2.50 is worth the comfort of knowing no cars can possibly back over my bike.
  11. I spoke to some council rangers as they were booking cars at Avalon beach about bikes and council stickers etc.

    They said they overlook bikes because of where to display the council permit and as long as you park without disrupting traffic/pedestrian flow, they will ignore you.
    However, do you place trust in what a couple of rangers say in an unofficial chat??
    I suppose if you do get booked in a council area, you could appeal with the production of the rates notice to prove you are a resident. But who wants that hassle??
    As far as displaying a paid ticket for a parking spot, I have a mobile phone cover attached to the front of my bike for my E Tag and I just put the slip in there where it is stiil visible.
    I suppose I could also get another concil permit sticker and display it the same way, but some ar@#hole would probably steal it for their own use.

    as far as what lanes bikes can use, a previous thread determined that the only lane we CANNOT use is a BUS ONLY LANE.
    all the rest are fair game.
  12. Ive just read this and I cant believe that VIC is the only state where you can legally park on the footpath !!
    I dont know what I would do if I couldnt do that !!!!
    I always thought that it was part of the priveleges of riding a motorbike.
  13. Wilson Platinum Cards, aren’t they fantastic. No bloody coins to worry about!
  14. What? You guys north have to pay tolls when riding.
    You poor soods. :p
  15. NSW the taxed state
    tolls everywhere and cameras to catch you!!
  16. I just park in designated bike parks in the city. No ticket required. Normally I park on Wakefield St but with the weather warming up the spots are all taken well before 8am :?
  17. there is a spot for bikes to park (room for approx 20 bikes) right opposite the international terminal. when you are approaching the airport take the lane for 'rental cars', there is no boom gate on entrance and then go left. you basically go right through the rental car area. you will see all the bikes parked there. i was there 2 weeks ago and the rental guys just nodded as i went past. then when you exit (turn left just passed the lifts and where the bikes are parked) and you don't need to go around boomgates or pay!!!
  18. Oh i think the award for the most over policed state still goes to Victoria. After all, we've got the Bracks Tax to contribute to with all those permanent 'SAFETY' camera's. :roll:
  19. wonder if u-park does similar .. they're probably the ones I park at most often when I'm visiting clients. I'll be in a u-park today (in the car :p) so I'll ask them and post on here :)