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Parking Etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by finky10, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. hey all,

    Just some tips for parking please.....

    Where/how close should you park at the shopping centres (highpoint etc)??

    In the city (ie outside buildings etc)?. I believe the *rule* is "as long as ur not obstructing the pedestrians, or driveways, or entry/exits.

    I havent had the bike that long, and as yet, havent ridden it to the shops or to anywhere that i have had to park (besides mates places).

    Just wondering what the general rule of thumb is for these places.
    and avoiding fines :evil: ...

    thanks... :D
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  3. There's no simple answer, as it's all down to interpretation.
    Shopping centres are private property (even the roads) but there is usually an amendment to local planning and traffic management bylaws to allow the normal rules of the road to apply.
    This means you are generally legally allowed to park in two types of defined areas:
    designated car parking spaces; and footpaths.
    You'll see lots of bikes parked up under any bit of cover they can find.
    Quite often they are booked (by local government parking officers) for being on "private property" because the area under an overhanging building is considered as such. But even one metre outside the line of the building is considered footpath.
    A lot of shopping centres don't seem to care where you park as long as you don't obstruct people, but some, like Melbourne Central, go apeshit and have you ticketed before you get off your bike.
    In general, give people room to get around you, and if it looks like footpath (and isn't overhung) you'll be OK.
  4. If I park at the local shopping centre I will chose a point that does not see a lot of foot traffic. Also not under any eaves, the local security guys get a little touchy about that. I have not had a problem yet, I will stress that point again, yet.
  5. For us opposite Northeners, we can't park on the footpaths or else it's $66. But if we park under any awnings or overhangs, the bad men/women can't book us.
  6. Is that so? :) Does the same apply for NSW?
  7. i just went out for lunch, saw a security gaurd on the phone to a TOWING COMPANY desperately trying to get rid of a bike parked on the footpath outside the building (only JUST on private property).

    Someone might as well have parked a commodore on the footpath; the look on the gaurd's face - it was like someone had graffitied the place.

    the owner came back about 15 seconds later and rode off - the thing had probably been there about 5 minutes.

    So very, very backward up here.
  8. Finky, if in strip shopping area, don't park the bike against a shop wall or window - blind people use the walls as a guiding surface.

    Park closer to the curb - but not so that you'd stop a car opening its door. Right opposite a pole or meter is ideal... the bike can't fall far if someone decides to push it/tip it over.


  9. Be aware of signs prohibiting parking on the footpath.

    As an example there are a couple of "No standing on Footpath" signs on the south side of Collins St (Melb) between Exhibition & Russell Streets but it's open slather on the north side of the street.
  10. There's a particular bike which always parks on the footpath outside the banks at Highpoint, not against the building and not close to the roadway where the busses travel but sort of way out in the middle of the pedestrian area... obviously it's not inconveniencing anyone there... There's undercover parking space used by bikes at the corner of the undercover car park on the Rosamond road street level carpark closest to the banks.
  11. 2 metres from building, 1 metre from the kerb + commonsense, isn't it? :?
  12. i "think" in nsw we r not allowed to park on the foot paths........... so i have heard....
  13. i "think" in nsw we r not allowed to park on the foot paths........... so i have heard....
  14. Yep. Sucks to be you, huh? On the upside, you don't get fined for doing 103km/h in a 100km/h zone either... ya win some, ya lose some :p