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Parking Etiquette (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TCShadow, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I've started getting a little irritated at the way motorbike riders park next to each other...

    I am usually the first person, or amongst the very first to arrive at a motorbike parking spot in the city(Sydney)

    I make it a habit of parking my bike slightly outside the marked area so that when i sit it on the side stand it leans over and is basically just in the marked spot.

    For some reason however, other motorbike riders then try, and often do park on my right side, and often times don't think about the fact that i have to stand my bike up to actually ride it away. The just don't leave enough room to get on the bike and stand it up. I'm not sure if the problem is because i have a GPX-250 that leans over more than other bikes but isn't it just common courtesy that when parking on the right hand side of a bike you leave enough room for the person to the left to actually be able to get on their bike?

  2. correct me if i'm wrong, and i'm not having a direct go at the OP, but whenever there is a thread bitching about parking, its always from sydney...
  3. Yep thats happened to me a couple of times now. really pisses me off that they would get so close that there mirror would be sittin between my throttle and brake lever!!!
  4. Probably due to the fact that we're the most populated city in Australia, have squillions of people working in the CBD and cant park on footpaths like you legally can in Melbourne. Not much parking AT ALL
  5. This is basically a daily thing for me... yesterday i had to pick my bike up and move it over so i could get on it... I should have just pushed the other guys bike over instead... too many people around though.

    Lucky it only weighs around 130kg otherwise...
  6. You know what needs to happen.
  7. since we are on the topic of parking.
    what happens when you park a bike in a ticket zone? i mean you can leave your ticket some how on the dash if you have one, but its there for anybody to peel off and have free parking. can you contest this if you do get a fine for not having a valid ticket??
  8. Probably also due to the overall lack of manners and totally uncultured behaviour you find up there. :LOL: :p

    (now to sit back and warm myself on the flames)
  9. If you're parking in the City of Sydney council area you don't need to purchase a ticket, but you do need to observe the signposted time limit.
  10. what if your parking in parramatta coucil area?

  11. Yeah i'm with you TonyE, you would of thought all this time not legally been aloud to park on foot paths they would of gotten over it and dealt with it... :LOL:

    gawd I love parking in melbourne... it's everywhere!!! :grin: :grin:
  12. AFAIK it's only the Ciy of Sydney that is beginning to become civilised. In the rest of NSW the forces of darkness still rule. :p :LOL:

    and I'm not particularly talking about the state government there.
  13. Totally. We're all a bunch of c****!
  14. Why not use the phrase "flaming flamingos". NR wont censor that more accurate representation of the truth :)

  15. I started one awhile back after getting pissed off at the bikes parking other bikes in at KNOX city shopping center in Melbourne,

    Some wanker on a older ninja did it today, If you see a ramp in to a parking spot for bikes, wouldnt you think other people would like to use it too? SO WHY F**KING STOP AND PARK THERE!!!!!!
  16. if you get a fine write and say you bought a ticket but it was stolen and that therefore they should allow bikes to park for free
  17. It happened again the other day... this time i got the shits, walked around to the front of the other guys bike and moved the mofo about 1cm from the lefthand side of the bike on his right... see how he likes it when he can't get on his bike... Hope he's some 60kg weakling too.
  18. its amazing the laws about free parking apply only to the city of sydney....go down the road to waverly council and you have to pay...grrrrr!

    as for parking etiquette I was really amused at the bondi junction bike parking spot in spring st ( all individually marked within the whole bay ) not one of the 9 scooters was in the lines....really fcked it up for everyone else. still, having a 230 kg dry bike meant i was able to use my size a little more appropriately......what do they say? might is right?

    /flame on, I know. but I also ride a vespa occasionally so know how easy they are to park