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Parking Etiquette and locations (Mainly Brisvegas but relevant across Aus)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Captain115, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Searched through the previous threads but couldn't find much info so here we go.

    The bike is my main and only form of transport. I use it to get to uni (where there are specified bike parks and zones) and to the shops (where there are bike parks), pretty much everywhere.
    If i go somewhere in the suburbs I can just park on the street on in someone's driveway, but this is a different story closer in to the city where the surrounding suburbs are always super packed (see Toowong, Milton, Paddinton, West End, Newfarm, etc) and even if I do find a park it seems a waste to take up a perfectly good car spot. I find myself, even when not riding, looking for areas to park which don't block fire exits or loading zones every time I go somewhere.

    Bike parking in random spots in a city isn't something which occurs to people like myself who have come from driving a car, where you either find a car park or you don't. But bike parking is like a grey area, where I'm unsure if it's ok to park anywhere it will fit and be out of the way (like a bicycle) or stick to the more stringent codes followed by other road vehicles.

    So the questions is: where do YOU park your bike in busy situations? Is it cool to mount the gutter and park out of the way on the footpath? Find some random patch of concrete between a wall and a garbage bin? Squeeze it between a railing and a staircase? Or do you just double back and find a normal car park, because screw those cages, you pay taxes too?

    And a second questions which is somewhat relevant to the first: if you do park in odd places, is that illegal/ticketable?


  2. Legally you need to park one bike per spot and take up a full park.

    In reality they often turn a blind eye if you aren't a ********. Blocking the footpath is being a ********. If its busy enough that you can't find a park the footpath is too busy as well.
  3. I park at the 'Gabba, and have been told that you definately can't park on the footpath. I park in a non-metered area right outside our office front door, and always hope that its still available when I get there, because the other choices are 7am-7pm metered spots for $13.00 per day. Have been told its only one bike per parking space too. I've been booked twice for parking in a non-marked zone which they said was still a metered spot, (and they just draped the ticket across my seat which blew away over the time I was at work and had no idea I had been booked). The parking inspectors are really stringent in the Brisbane inner city areas but I know they have some areas set aside in the City itself for bikes, so hope that works for you.
  4. If I've got to go into the city during the day (for a short time), I usually try & find a bike park. If it's longer than an hour or unable to find a bike park, I find the nearest car park.
  5. I always get to work early enough to get a park in the usual bike haunts. When I am late, or have to go out at lunch, if my spot is gone I just squeeze the bike in between the loading dock fence and the big rubbish bin. Only day I cant is when the truck empties the bins, which seems to be on a Wednesday.

    I always get creative, I know pretty much where you get booked around work. I try to warn other riders off when they park in spots that get blitzed, sometimes they listen, other times they dont.

    As for parking in a car spot, fuck it, I pay rego too so its fair game.
  6. I park where i fit, if i have no where to park in the city ill try to find a back alley and mount the footpath alongside a building or something.

    Your not allowed to footpath park in sydney, however it is the cheapest fine so if your going to do the dodgey i reccommend it. Ive been booked for it before, its only a standard 88$
  7. ?????
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  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! I'm surprised the amount of people who have gotten booked though, I always thought that as long as you weren't a knob about where you parked, the ticket people would just sort of let it be?

    Might need to be more careful where I park, would be pretty sad if I had to pay a fine ($88 is a lot for a student)


  9. Doesn't directly answer you question, but there is a very handy iPhone motorcycle parking app which I use when going to new locations. You can also submit your own and they'll add them to the next release.
  10. If you can not park a fcuking bike properly... get off and fcuking walk.

    Just found a scratch in my exhaust through some other rider who obviously doesn't know how to park and/or get on/off without touching other peoples' bikes. Not a huge scratch, but that is not the point. Seriously, it isn't that hard to park a bike properly and with adequate room.

    The amount of fails you see every week with riders just parking oddly, too close or wasting a heap of room is ludicrous. If you can't effectively park a bike properly.... then go and use a parking spot or something... I wonder what sort of riding skills these numpties have.

  11. By the way, if you ride to the Brisbane airport, motorcycles still park for $10/day flat rate in the Long Term parking tower... I think it's the P2 one. Whichever is most distant from the terminal.

    There are parking spaces adjacent to the carwash area of that parking tower on the ground floor. You can have your ticket validated at the admin/security office on the right of the boomgates, behind/next to the carwash area.

    Basically the exact same procedure as before, except not really advertised.

    http://goo.gl/maps/9Y4hH <--- Ground floor of this long-term parking tower. There is a a white office (with concreted-up windows)
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  12. I've found scooter and big cruiser riders really get the shits if you park on top of them.
    Scooter riders shit me so I always park them in...cruisers...meh
    The brown bombers will just slap you any time anywhere it seems. One day the footpath or pushbike stand is fine........... the next they get the shits.
  13. This may give you a seisure.....

  14. That's actually spacious. It gets a bit tighter elsewhere.
  15. There is plenty of parking in the Brissy CBD. You probably know about that.

    If I'm going somewhere on the fringe of the inner city in Brisbane, I usually park the bike somewhere in between a marked spot and a driveway, since it's very common that there will be a half-car length between all the marked spots and a driveway where they couldn't fit another spot but there is plenty of room for a bike.

    Just make sure that you're not in anyone's way, and not parked illegally (if you're in the city then there is a two-hour limit unless otherwise signed) and you're good to go.
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  16. Scooter riders, as a generalisation, are oblivious to everything including common sense. In this case, I don't think it was a scooter though - I think is was some numpty who couldn't get on his bike without rubbing boots, bag or something up against the exhaust. Can't exactly remove scratches from chrome.
  17. Yeah bike parking in SE Asia can be an interesting experience. Not uncommon to come back and have to move several bikes to get to yours, or find that yours has been moved by someone getting their bike out. Steering locks don't mean much on bikes light enough to just lift the front wheel off the ground.

    Of course the bike parking in Brisbane just offers crowding and the risk of some numpty damaging your bike, with the added benefit of being stuck on the fringe of the CBD and having to walk. Would be much better IMO if they just eliminated the small number of on-street car parks and widened the footpaths enough to allow bikes to park on them without restricting pedestrian flow (which is what Brisbane city council told me is the only reason why footpath parking isn't legal in QLD). Till then I'll just stick to using the ferry.
  18. On that topic, I was parked at the airport yesterday and they left this helpful note on my motorcycle. I thought I'd share for the benefit of all jetsetting motorcyclists here.

    Three cheers for Brisbane Airport Parking!
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  19. Anyone know what hours/days that Customer Service office at the airport is open. I can't seem to find it on their website.

    I would hate to take the bike to airport only to get back late at night or on a weekend and find they're shut and I'm stuck having to pay full car price (or covering my plate to go around the boom). It's already cheaper for me to get a taxi than park my car for more than a day, but if the bike's only $10 then it looks like reasonable option for short trips away.