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parking bikes at Chadstone (vic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dje, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Parking motorbikes on the footpath in Chadstone shopping center's car park is now not allowed... so secutrity tell me. They have designated some spaces (about 8 - 10, I didnt take enough time to look) in the vallet parking area, as a motorbike parking bay.

    Its still pretty visable but not as much as having it right outside the entrance.
    And the security guards reason for the change is 'chadstone is private property' & 'if someone knocked over your bike and it fell on them they could sue you'... so, thats all I know.

    I havent seen any signs yet to say bikes 'cant' park on footpaths there, so I dont know if there will be any consequences...
  2. I visited Melbourne a few months ago, and a friend and I stayed right near Chadstone shopping centre. Went there several times and were uber-jealous you guys could park on the footpath there :shock:

    I see their point - but the section where I saw a couple of bikes parked was the WIDEST section of walkway ever. Plenty of room to double-park bikes and still have 3 lanes of moving trolley-traffic between them and the road.

    That's a shame.

    *quietly mutters something about erosion of community freedoms and such*

    Consolation prize is that that car-park is bloody enormous, but yeah - 8.3% of the fun of owning a motorcycle is parking super close to where you want to be.
  3. thats a load of BS. Whats the difference of parking on the footpath or the vallet parking spot. Last time i looked its in the same shopping centre.
    When im usually there i park it at the AMF Bowling entrance.
  4. I'm not sure I understand. When I lived in chaddy I parked either near the Coles/Kmart entrance, on the little island thing between the road to the carpark and where the buses come in (you'll often see bikes parked there), or at the entrance near JB on the footpath. Have they completely restricted it to these 'motorcycle parks' now?

    It's perfectly legal to park a motorcycle in a car parking spot in Victoria AFAIK, everyone should just take up that precious parking in chaddy and see how long they stand by their idiotic rule. Sigh.

    BTW, you'll prolly find some shithead kid was f*cking with /around someone's bike and got a burn from the exhaust and the parents shifted the blame away from aforementioned shithead by making a complaint. Wouldn't suprise me.
  5. I think the security guard is right.. Chaddy Shopping centre is a private property and you can only go by their rules..
  6. I didn't know about the designated areas for MC parking. I'll have to locate those, would be handy. Thanks for bringing it up.
  7. Private property or not, nearly all shopping centres are subject to local council bylawrules governing use of motor vehicles within the property, and are generally the same as public roads.
    They can certainly ban footpath parking within their property, but unless they've got the local council to create a special bylaw, they MUST signpost this variation to the governing standard. Obviously the convention of not parking within building line would also apply.
  8. I did get a notice from the security guy, which I kept. If I get a chance to scan it into someones PC and post it I will. I park out the front Borders, where a few other bikes are often found parked, and with a bike parked there is still enough room for 2 trolleys/prams to get through. It is a bit of BS but... especially if they start (somehow) issuing fines with only a handfull of designated motorbike spaces.
    They have recently changed other parking signs in that same area so maybe the motorbike ones are to follow...
  9. Strange these shopping centres. Seem to be a law unto themselves.
    AFAIK whilst the said shopping centre is open particularly the carpark and roadways therein are a public access area (Laws may have changed recently). Therefore, footpaths giving access to said carparks, are public access also.

    When the gate/s to the carpark/s are closed, then the property reverts to private property.

    If I'm wrong feel free to correct me.
  10. That's usually where I park. It's out of the way... pedestrians don't walk on it..

    I'm not sure... but even if you want to say it's same as a normal street, when a footpath has a section that goes back from the building line (like an alcove), that's generally thought of as private property. So I would have thought that those big open areas at Chaddy might be legit for them objecting, but the normal street-looking parking like at RACV (near JB?) might be ok, depending on the laws titus refers to.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip - I'll keep an eye out next time I'm there.
  11. ...interesting this

    I usually park on the large paved area outside the Westpac bank
    ..opposite the carpark and did so last weekend

    not a squeak from anyone :?
  12. I had a similar run-in at Fountain Gate, I would say almost a year ago... I still go there, still park in the same place with no hassles ........ maybe you just struck an over zealous carpark private PO lice man
  13. I park in that area as well.
  14. hey folks .... I work at Chaddy, and my workmates and I usually park along the footpath beside the DJ's section. Until a couple of weeks ago anyway. Security regularly monitor the area and since the first notice appeared a couple of weeks ago, I have noticed at lunchtime that almost every single bike has also received the slip of white paper from security.

    The bike parking that they have allocated is only about 7 bays in the valet parking area, which is also roped off until 9am (although you can make your way through on the footpath).

    I have been meaning to speak to centre management about it, to see what the go is and whether they intend to put up signs, but not yet had a chance.

    If I get an update I will be sure to post.

  15. The area next to the bus stop is fine I take it?
  16. Fine, if that's the way they want to play it then I suggest a whole group of us go in one day (early) and each bike take one car bay. Piss the car drivers off and if they want to make an issue, tell them that security decided not to let us use the footpath so we're abiding by their "law".
  17. This sounds great!

    We should make it for Sat 23/12/06.... make sure they REALLY get the message :evil:
  18. yer make it the nite they have the all night christmas shopping. just park the bikes and leave them there and see how many people get pissed of when they see bikes in the car spots
  19. How fun, i wish i was in melbourne! Where's the post in the events section, "Event: Piss off Chaddy shopping centre"
  20. I'm never sure about if that just gives the protestors (us) a bad rep, or if it actually gets some action. I need to get some shopping done, so I'd certainly be happy to double up the use of my visit. A Sat morning won't work for me, but night time Xmas shopping - yep!