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Parking Bike...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Just wondering where everyone generally parks their bike.
    ie .. If you are ducking in and out of a supermarket, do u leave your bike parked on the footpath ( its legal in VIC ), or do u use a car space?

  2. The closest space possible to the door, provided it is out of harm's way.
  3. Yeah, unless there is a car space dead set right next to the entrance of a supermarket, I park on the footpath. That's the second reason why we get bikes yea? After how cheap it is to run (shhhh... that's what I told the missus).
  4. Just make sure it's not in people's way. Don't want them knocking it with their trollies as they hurtle past. I try to park it away from the entrance, and ideally between a pole and rubbish bin, or something... so people have to walk around regardless of my bike. Find a spot where there's room and it won't be damaged too easily. That might be a car park. But if I do that I park at the rear of the bay so no cager thinks it's an empy spot.
  5. Do you ride your bikes onto the footpath? Or walk them?
    Silly question perhaps, but I really would like to know :p
  6. Depending on the amount of pedestrian traffic? If there is a whole lot of people, I'll walk it on. If there is one or 2 dudes, I'll ride slowly on.

    Prolly easier to drive to the shops to get ciggies though. No need to gear up, no helmet and no gloves etc.... Just trackies and moccos :p
  7. Always park close to the entrance but out of the way of padestrians.
  8. Gutters

    I'm still not really confident about riding up and over most gutters though, so I still find I have to ride to the end of the street corner to get up on the footpath via the slopey ramp bit. Is everyone the same or is it possible to get up the squared type gutters? I'm wary of having to use too much throttle to get up and over and then ending up through a shop front window!
  9. It depends... if it's somewhere like highpoint where I can park close to an entrance but out of the path of the people then I'll park on the footpath.

    If it's a normal supermarket where the only footpath is right in front of the supermarket where people are pushing their trollies then I'll generally try and use a car park, if I can't then I'll try and put it near a bollard or similar.

    I get paranoid enough about people swinging trollies around like cats with the car, I really don't want them smashing into the bike with one.
  10. i try to park so a car cant knock the bike over. i'v seen a car (range rover) reverse over a bike, then pull froward and try not to leave a not or any thing. she pretended she didnt even know.

    now that said i also make shore that a wheel chair can get past as they can move you bike however they can to get past. which normally involved just pushing it over. and really if you block some one in a wheel chair from getting to the shop or where ever you get what you deserve.

    park with consideration and respect to others as you'd expect, put an alarm on your bike so you know if some ones knocked it.

    i have a simple rule.

    you touch my bike, i touch you face.

    sounds fair to me. only ever had a bike knocked over once....
  11. What about sydney people? I find a lot of places where there are no spots left, or meter parking... it seems too easy to just park on the pavement. Would I get booked?
  12. I try to find the closest spot to the door that has least perdestain traffic and just park there.
  13. in most cases yes, it is illegal to park on the pavement in NSW
  14. paddingtion is where is was the range rover reverce over the bike.

    you wont get that meany tickets in sydney. i think i only had 2 at the most and that was after about 10 years parkin g on the footpath. so i figured i was ahead.

    just rember ti take your keys out. i parked my bran new under 200k's on the clock RGV250 in the predestrian lane next to village in george st. i was inside and this back patch wearing clubby came up and quized me about what bike i had. then after telling him and discribing it....he gave me my keys. i'v never left them in the bike again.