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Parking behind cars, BEWARE....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GreenNinja, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. When your parking your beloved ride behind a car make sure it's not close to the car thats in front of you.

    Also as a note I always memorise, take a picture or write down the number plate of the car that's in front of me.

    Because at times I'm pretty sure when they reverse there car to leave the parking spot they won't be able to see your bike (because it's just barely above their boot).

    Hope you find this advice useful, pretty bad seeing your bike lying on the ground when you come back to your ride :eek: (I've never had this happen to me).
  2. Its probably easier to avoid the risk altogether

    Most shops have sneaky places where you can park your bike out of harms way
  3. I stick giant traffic cones each side of my bike when I leave it on the street. Take up about 1.5 metres to ensure that people see it and dont run over it at night. Unfortunately an unknown neighbour took them away when I was at uni the other day. Still devising a way to exact my revenge for when I find out who it is. Be warned, if I find it was you, I keep a hatchet in my garage. :twisted: :twisted:
  4. ....or move to Victoria and park on the footpath... :bolt:
  5. ^^ Sif move to south of the boarder
  6. Thats what she said.
  7. today i parked in front of a hotel. the van parked on clear zone and investigated by a police, my bike parked a little bit in front of it on the footpath, safe and sound :LOL:
  8. Indeed - you better be careful about that. They teach you how to spell border down here! :p
  9. How many places except for the major cities cater for riders parking, should be compulsory at shopping centers we don't need much room. :wink:
  10. What about in NSW? Are you allowed to park the bike on the footpath?

    I've also seen some massive bike-parks around e.g. in front of Darling Harbour and under the Kent St bridge. Are these legal/ do you have to pay to park there?
  11. Not really the law doesn't define that as a parking spot, it would depend on the parking police or police I guess, but I know the shopping center I go to have signs up that parking on the footpath is illegal and offenders will be finded. I am not sure about those parking places but I have read here some people have had to pay $6 for secure bike parking. :cry:
  12. i sometimes just park it right next to the bicycle rack.

    come on! who's going to argue?
  13. In vic, can we park on any footpath without restrictions? Is there any official documentation highlighting the rules and regulations of parking on the footpath? How about ticketed parking areas, can we park on the footpath there for free?
  14. There is a brochure published by "The Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council" on the VicRoads site http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/B206BFE3-EFE9-4726-B665-FBC0843E7525/0/TR2001102.pdf . The version that can be downloaded from their site (June 2001) is not the latest one available in print (Sept 2006) though :roll:
  15. At the Kmart Burwood (VIC) complex, you are not allowed to park the bike on the tiled areas. The tiled areas are essentiall the footpath out the front of all the shops. :cry:

    What they have done though, is the first immediate car park in front of complex has been repainted and designated bike only parking. :grin:
  16. Anything changed since then? :) Also, does this mean we don't have to buy a ticket to park in a ticketed parking area on the footpath? (just clarifying, i'd assume we can)
  17. I've asked a parking inspector about parking bikes in motorcycle zones in Sydney (City) and they're all free! Darling Harbour and Kent St are really great for parking but they do get chokas during the day. Also the area surrounding the columns that support the monorails aren't council property so the inpsectors have no jurisdiction. The inspector said that if the owners of the monorail dont want to do anything about you can go for your life.

    Let's just hope he wasn't lying - he wouldn't have would he? i mean they're people too... sometimes!

    Now... to find other sneaky (and legal) free parking in Sydney! Darn you guys in Melbourne have it sweet parking on the footpath!
  18. Yeah never close to a car... that for sure...

    My mate had his parked in the drive way and his house mate came home and did a reverse park... bang...

    Hahaha the clutch broke when the bike hit the floor...
    He fixed it up and the house mate reverse parked the second time... hahaha the whole left side body cracked and broke off... the body kit...